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10 Ideas To Make Your Room Cozy For Winter

10 Ideas To Make Your Room Cozy For Winter

There’s nothing better than making your room cozy for winter, with the anticipation of snow and the holidays on their way. Sometimes winter can get long and cold, depending on where you live. It’s best to make the most of the season by creating a warm, cozy space to come home to. There are a lot of easy adjustments you can make to your space to make it as cozy for winter as possible! 

1. Candles

Mood lighting is the first step in making a space cozy for winter. Candles do two things: give a nice scent to your room, and allow for some low lighting. Perfect for movie nights or when you’re relaxing before bed. Find some seasonal scents that you enjoy, and place a few candles around your room for an instant cozy effect. My favorite scent during the holiday season is the Fraser Fir, but it’s always nice to alternate every now and then. If you’re sensitive to scents, go with some unscented tealights in glass candle holders. 


2. Extra Blankets

Not only do blankets just look cozy, they also offer extra warmth on those super cold winter days. If your room gets chilly, make sure you have extra blankets on hand. They are also nice to have close by if you have friends over for a cozy movie night in! Think thick knits and soft furs, anything with a good texture and neutral color. To store the blankets, find a nice basket that can double as additional décor. 

3. String Lights

Much like candles, a set of string lights can give your room the perfect kind of glow. I love the ones with exposed bulbs, but really any string light will do. Choose one that matches your décor, and string it above your headboard. Or, find a way to run it along the walls to give your whole space a nice glow at nighttime. If you have a small tree in your room, then you should definitely string that with lights too!


4. Holiday Decorations

I mean, anything Christmas just screams cozy to me! Since we’re inside so much more during the winter, it’s nice to switch up the décor more often so we don’t get bored. Add some holiday decorations and feel free to make adjustments each month, or after each big holiday. Think earthy tones for Thanksgiving, then along comes Christmas in all its red and green glory. Silver and gold for New Years, of course, and pink for Valentine’s Day if you really want to stretch the decorations. For Christmas, I love to add tinsel with a small strand of twinkle lights, and hang them from my sconces or across my headboard. Either way, the holiday cheer will cozy your room right up.

5. Fur

This applies to a lot of items: pillows, rugs, throws, etc. There’s nothing cozier than fur (just make sure it’s fake and therefore animal friendly). Normally you can’t get away with things like fur pillows and blankets in the summer, so save them for the colder months. If you have rugs in your room, try layering a fur one on top, maybe right at the spot you step out of bed in the morning! You can thank me later.


6. Greens

Another tip to be cozy for winter is to allow some green into your space. Bringing some nature inside is always a good idea, especially in the winter when the views outside may be bleak. Add some evergreen or eucalyptus to your room for their wonderful smell. Fake garlands are always an easy option, too. I love to buy a small pine tree (or use a fake one), and cover it in lights and ornaments. If you live in a warmer climate, then try a succulent! 

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7. Flannel Sheets

Bring the coziness to your sleeping experience with flannel sheets, or any thicker material. I love switching out my sheets when the weather turns. If you want, invest in festive sheets with a holiday pattern, or keep it neutral if that’s more your style! Either way, you’ll be glad you made the switch when you wake up cozy and warm, despite the chill in the air. 

8. Seasonal Comforter or Duvet

Like changing your sheets, opting for a heftier cover will keep you warm too. It will also give a cozier look to your space. Try going with a richer fabric like velvet, and don’t be afraid to choose a darker color, such as a merlot or evergreen. Having a seasonal comforter or duvet will keep things fresh and cozy for winter, and you won’t have to double layer your pajamas just to make it through the cold nights. Think about coordinating any additional pillows and blankets with this winter option, as well.

9. Reading Nook

Winter usually means spending more time indoors, which for me means more time spent reading. Create a cozy nook for yourself with a comfortable chair, or some big pillows stacked on the ground. Make sure you have adequate lighting for reading, and it will become your favorite spot to curl up with a good book, as they say. The best place to be when snow is falling outside! 


10. Textured Wall Art

If you want to really switch things up, try adding some texture to your walls with a macramé wall hanging piece. Since they’re knit, they will automatically make the place feel cozier. Try making one yourself, or find someone local who makes them! I think they’ll also keep your space a little warmer, just like castles used to have tapestries on the walls before indoor heating was invented. If you don’t have any macramé, think about switching your art out to go with the seasons. A nice winter scene or postcards from a snowy landscape will set just the right cozy mood. 

I hope this gives you some great inspiration for when the weather turns cold. Send this to your friends and roommates so they can be cozy this winter too!

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