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15 Ideas To Keep The Flame Alive In Your Relationship

15 Ideas To Keep The Flame Alive In Your Relationship


Keeping the flame alive in a relationship with your significant other can be difficult at times, especially when we go through hard times, it can be challenging to keep things together with your loved one. But even so, it’s nice to sometimes take a deep breath and check-in with one another. So here are fifteen things we’ve found you can do to keep that special spark in your relationship. 

Tell them You Love them 

One of the worst things that you can do in a relationship is to accidentally neglect your partner. And that’s never fun for anyone. I’ve found that an essential part of keeping a relationship going is to make sure that your partner knows and is reminded that you care and love them. This can be in your own way, of course, but letting them know, even in just a little way, is a perfect method for showing that you care about each other. 

15 Ideas To Keep The Flame Alive In Your Relationship

Don’t Make Dates A Big Deal 

Another thing you can do for your relationship is to stop putting so much pressure on each other. So many times in movies and tv shows do people put pressure on going out for dates. But that’s really not necessary. You don’t need a fancy dinner or a special evening out to love one another. Sure it’s a bonus now and then. But don’t forget that a relationship is about being with one another—no matter where that may be. 

Try Something New Together 

If you’ve found yourself getting a little bored with your partner after a few nights in a row of not doing anything, then why not try something new together? It doesn’t need to be a big adventure, but drawing together, figuring out a new hobby, learning something new, helping each other grow is a great way to grow closer to one another. 

Watch Something Together (Movie, TV show, Podcast, etc.)

Sometimes you just want to be lazy couch potatoes, and that’s alright too. Grab a few snacks, a fluffy blanket, and the tv remote and flip through all the options that modern-day television has available to you. It doesn’t even have to be good, some of the best nights I’ve had is sitting and watching something terrible as I make fun of it with my partner. 

Play Games Together 

One of the most essential parts of keeping a relationship together is remembering to be playful with one another. So if you ever feel like you’re having a boring night try taking out a board game that you know you both like. Don’t be afraid to goof around and have fun with one another. There are some great options online as well, which makes this pretty ideal if you’re in a long-distance relationship. 

15 Ideas To Keep The Flame Alive In Your Relationship

Take a Break From Sex

Sex is a beautiful thing within a relationship to have. It’s an obvious way to bond and show your partner that you physically love them. But it’s not all that there is to a relationship. If you feel like you’re not getting everything you want out of your relationship emotionally, maybe it’s time to take a break from the physical aspect of your bond and instead focus on the emotional and mental connection you share with your partner. 

Talk To Each Other About What’s Bothering You

A critical aspect of a relationship that many people seem to overlook is that communication is paramount above all else. If you feel as though you are losing that special something with one another, talk about it. Sit down and have an honest and open conversation about how you think so that both of you are on the same page as one another. 

Cook Your Favorite Meal Together 

An excellent bonding activity that you can do that doesn’t involve being a couch potato with your lover is cooking a good meal together. Is there something that you’ve been craving recently but don’t have the energy to make it all by yourself? Maybe you sick of takeout all the time. Pull up a recipe and get started on a romantic dinner that you both have a hand in making. 

Plan A Perfect Day Together

Perhaps there’s something that you can’t achieve right at this very moment, but that’s okay. Instead of dwelling and ruminating on all the things you can’t do, perhaps plan for all the things you want to do. Write a list of places that you want to go with your partner. Create an itinerary for the perfect vacation when you’re finally able to go again. Make special plans with your partner for all the things that will make you happy in the future. 

15 Ideas To Keep The Flame Alive In Your Relationship

Go On A Picnic With One Another

Perhaps you’re unable to do anything in the large grand scheme of things at the current moment, but instead, maybe you can go out and make a little getaway for you and your partner. 

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Tell Each Other About Something You’re Passionate About

There are few things more endearing than listening to your partner as they talk about something that they are genuinely and utterly passionate about. So ask them about it! Discuss your passion projects with each other. Ask one another about your hobbies and see if you could possibly help them with something that they’ve been struggling with. 

Talk About Your Relationship 

Okay, let’s be honest, when’s the last time that you’ve talked to one another about your relationship? When is the last time that you sat down or cuddled with one another and remembered the good times and discussed maybe the not so good times together? If the answer isn’t recently, I would recommend that perhaps you go do that. 

Spend Some Time Alone 

Having a partner that you’re in a close relationship with can be a magical experience that makes both parties involved feel unique and cherished. But a relationship shouldn’t be the only thing in your life. As your partner helps complete you, there has to be more to you than just your connection to complete. Make sure you’re not entirely losing yourself and take the time for yourself as well. 

Make A Playlist For Each Other 

One of the most feel-good things I’ve ever seen someone do for their relationship partner was to create a playlist for them filled with songs that specifically reminded each other of their time together. Not only is it thoughtful and sweet, but it’s also a wonderful gift that you can provide to your significant other. Which brings us to the next idea.

Slow Dance With One Another

Not only is slow dancing a beautiful physically intimate moment that you can share with someone, besides sex, but it’s also just plain fun and romantic. Even if neither of you is a good dancer, listening to music, talking to one another about the good times, and swaying to the rhythm is sometimes all you need for a perfect night together. 

Do you have any methods of keeping the flame alive in your relationship? Comment down below and let us know!