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14 Ideas On What To Wear To Crossfit

If you’re about to endure your first experience at Crossfit, or if you’re a regular attendee of the competitive program, then you probably know that your gym style is very important. Here’s what to wear to Crossfit if you’re totally stuck and need some style inspo!


1) These Sleek Sneakers

Each of these sneakers are designed specifically with Crossfit in mind so that you’re ready for all of the heavy lifting! Lace up in a cute pair of shoes like these and no one will question your Crossfit abilities!


2) A Breathable Pair Of Leggings

You’re going to be sweaty AF doing an intense Crossfit workout, therefore, you’re going to need some gym pants that allow you to breathe! Leggings that show a hint of leg are a nice way to get some air!


3)  These Much NEEDED Tank Tops

As I mentioned earlier, you’re going to be working up a sweat. These nice sweat resistant tank tops won’t only not show your sweat marks, but will keep you cool!


4) A Good Quality Sports Bra

To answer your question of what to wear to Crossfit, you may think that a sports bra is obvious. However, the type of sports bra you wear matters, you’re doing a lot of jumping, moving and heavy lifting – so supportive sports bras are a #must.


5) A Cute Pair Of Shorts

To show off those calf muscles you’ll be building, you’re going to want a cute pair of shorts! These shorts are perfect for all types of workouts, whether you’re lifting, or going for a run!

6) A Sweatshirt For The Colder Days

Unfortunately, not everyday is filled with nice weather, therefore, we have to improvise with some stylish clothes instead! These sweatshirts are both breathable and comfortable so that your workout isn’t compromised!

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7)  Lastly, A Hat For A Final touch

If you feel as though your Crossfit outfit isn’t complete, or maybe you’re just having a bad hair day, these workout caps are the perfect accessory!



Deciding what to wear to Crossfit isn’t an easy decision, however, hopefully this helped narrow it down! Which outfit was your favorite? Leave us a comment in the section below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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