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10 Ideas On How To Transform Your House Into A Haunted House

10 Ideas On How To Transform Your House Into A Haunted House

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. Not only is it the perfect season when the leaves are falling and everything is turning bright vibrant colors, but there is also the delightful fact of it being the spooky season that lends itself to things that go bump in the night such as the classic haunted house. These staples of the season are the perfect things to just let your hair down and forget your worries for one perfect night filled with thrills and chills. But how do you make yourself a perfect haunted house for the season? Not to worry, we have a few ideas.


the first things that every person should get when planning to turn their house into a haunted house for Halloween, either if you’re holding a party or if you just want to show off your spooky spirit is to get yourself some decorative lights that really highlight the spooky season. Not only does this add to the whole spooky vibe for your night of screams and terror, but it also helps the trick or treaters know which house to go to. Lights on, and you’re ready for some kiddos. Lights off and they’ll know to hop over to the next house for their sweet treats of the night.

*10 Ideas On How To Transform Your House Into A Haunted House


Spider Webs

Another staple of a haunted house for the Halloween nights are the classic spider webs. Not only are these decorations highly versatile and a great effect, but they are also easy to come by and pretty cheap to boot. One thing to keep in mind should you decide to pick up some spider web from your local Halloween store when you’re doing your yearly spooky shop for your haunted house is to try and find some spider webs that are environmentally friendly that way you know that you’re just doing harm to people’s internal subconscious and not the environment.

*10 Ideas On How To Transform Your House Into A Haunted House

Laughing Skulls

Laughing skulls are another one of those staples that people expect to find when going over to a haunted house. Not only are these motion-detecting craniums some sublime spooky decor, but they are also very easy to find. Another thing that makes these skulls perfect for a haunted house is that they are great to hide in plain sight. Put them on the stairwell, or hide them in some obscure, yet easy to see place, and you’ll be sure to get a few screams of surprise whenever a guest walks past them.


Fog Machine

Fog machines are also an expected staple of a true haunted house. Not only are they sure fun to play with and have in the yard, in your house, just everywhere in general, but they are also great for general ambiance. Sure they might be a bit cumbersome, but even so, I think they’ll be so worth it when you turn them on and have a full reveal and hear the gasps from all those around you when they discover something lurking just underneath the blanket of fog that rolls over their shoes.

*10 Ideas On How To Transform Your House Into A Haunted House

Ground Zombie

The ground zombie is a great haunted house fright that is sure to catch anyone who isn’t expecting such a goul at their feet by surprise. The best part about these zombies is that they can be as high tech and gadget-y as you like or just a bit lower tech. Of course for the Halloween season, we say it’s probably not a bad idea to splurge just a little bit more to make the experience all the more authentic. You do only get to have Halloween once a year after all, so best make it count by putting your best clawed-hand forward.



Besides all the creep props and things that look like they go bump in the night, another important part of the truly immersive haunted house experience is the music. Not only do you want to make sure that you have an absolutely smashing and perfect array of ambient spooky sounds, but you want to make sure that those attending your haunted house can hear that nightmare fuel pumping right through their ears and straight into their bone-chilled veins.

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Another thing to keep in mind when you are creating a haunted house is what sort of costumes will you be using? Most haunted houses have some sort of theme or particular attraction or otherwise specified idea that surrounds them and you’re going to want to make sure that everyone is on the same page with each other. So pick up a few extra masks the next time you’re browsing through your shopping ist for Halloween and wondering what’s missing. Not to mention that it’s easy enough to get your own and decorate them. Just be sure you have them on hand just in case someone gets out of the loop.


Fake Blood Splatter

Fake blood splatter is another one of those things that’s just to be expected in a haunted house. Sure it’s definitely not a requirement, but what’s a little scare without just a bit of blood? Not to worry though you don’t have to ruin your floors or carpet just for one night of spooks. No there are tons of fake blood that you can find to decorate your windows, floors, walls, and ceilings. So don’t mix together your food dye and corn syrup, save that for your snacks.

Haunted Candy Bowl

A haunted candy bowl is perfect for those mischievous little trick or treaters that take candy without asking that very important little question of “Trick or treat” not only is it a harmless little prank that’s accomplished by a motion-activated sensor, but they are also pretty cheap to come by on the market.  So the next time you hear the kids talking about TPing the neighborhood, just set out this little bowl to give them a healthy scare. It’ll be sure to set them straight in no time.

Hanging Skeletons

What’s more Halloween than a skeleton hanging off of your porch? Not only can you hang them just about anywhere that you can secure something that you tie a knot too. But you can also put them in strange places if you’re having an open house party. Why not have a literal skeleton in the closet for someone to find? Or put it among the hung coats. Hang your buddy off the stairs as a warning for all who enter, or just having him chilling near a couch.


How do you turn your house into a haunted house? Tell us in the comments!