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10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s holiday party time. The time where we break out the costumes, food and ugly sweaters. And where there’s a party there’s a cost. What if there was a way to throw an amazing party without breaking the bank……


What if there was a way that everyone could have their favorite drink at your party without you having to break the bank……Well that’s what BYOB is. Having your guest bring their own alcohol and drinks saves on money. You don’t have to go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol as well. It’s a great way for everyone to break the ice with each other as well. I would still recommend having buying some alcohol in case someone forgets!

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

2. Potluck!

I remember when I was younger and my mom going to her office holiday parties and coming home with an array of interesting food. I would be fascinated by the combinations of food that she would have. Not knowing it was because they had a potluck also known as everyone just bringing a dish. Having a potluck cuts out probably the biggest cost of any party; food. You wouldn’t have to go out and buy food or cook. Plus it gives everyone a chance to try something new. Just make sure that your guests don’t bring the same dishes to the party.

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

3. Childhood Games

Duck, duck, duck, goose……It costs no money to play your favorite childhood games. Not only does it make everyone at the party feel like a kid again but it adds a sense of nostalgia. Games like duck, duck, goose should be played in a big space but can also be transformed into a drinking game as well. Making childhood games adult also costs no money as well.

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

4. Shop The Clearance Section

Party decorations are never cheap unless its in the clearance section. Go to any craft store out of season or after the holiday to pick up some pretty decorations. Most stores also sell their decorations to smaller wholesale stores so you can get good decorations for cheap. Also check sites like Amazon during special discount days to score decorations at a discounted price. Even go to the dollar store to see what kind of cheap and affordable decorations you can purchase.

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

5. Cheap Party Favors

The perfect way to commemorate the night. You shouldn’t have to break the bank on party favors. You can make the favors edible or even make them yourself to give to your party goers. Trying to custom order things is just way to expensive and it’s something that people can possibly only use once. Craft stores always have good party favors as well as the clearance sections of stores.

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

6. Location

Location, location, location……Where you have your party at is a huge cost! Most people do decide to have parties at their own homes but there are the odd few that will shell out money to have it at a space that isn’t theirs. My recommendation is to keep the celebrations at your home. Not only do you not have to leave but it gives everyone a chance to see who you really are. And if you want to have it in a space that not your then have it at a restaurant where there’s a party room with no cost. Or if you live in an apartment then try to inquire if your building has a party room in your building or shared space.

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

7. Have A Theme

Gingerbread house making party, ugly Christmas sweater, friendsgiving, etc……All distinct themes of the perfect holiday party. Having a theme helps reduce the budget. It helps you follow a plan of action. For example, an ugly Christmas sweater party is more about everyone else than yourself. There’s no cost and allows everyone to express themselves. You can even have a party where people bring their own supplies and create their own sweaters. Or even if its a Friendsgiving party then the party can become just one big potluck and just celebration of friendship. But having a theme can allow the planning of the party to go smoother.

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

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8. Make It Yourself!

It’s okay to get crafty during the holidays! Making things instead of buying is not a bad thing. It doesn’t make you cheap either. It just adds a personal touch to your party. Making your own decorations is a little harder though. But using google or sites like Pinterest can help give you ideas for decorations. Also when you make it yourself it gives you the ability to keep and re-create the decorations each year.

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

9. Keep It Small

Keeping the party small is no issue. As someone that doesn’t have too many friends I have no issue with having a small group of friends to celebrate the holidays with. Having a small holiday party isn’t a problem. It cuts everything at a fraction of the cost. Plus it creates a more intimate setting for your party!In college we would always try to have small holiday parties of just close friends. It was way for everyone to unwind from classes for a night and to have fun with friends at no cost.

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

10. Create A Budget!

Going into your holiday party with a budget is very important. It sets a limit for what you are willing to spend. Write out a list of average costs of everything for your holiday party. It’s not a problem to go over the budget but it sets a limit on how much you want to do for your holiday party!

I honestly love this time of the year. Its the time of the year where there’s so much happening in such a short time. I’m usually not a someone that really goes to parties but during this time of the year I make an exception!

10 Ideas For The Ultimate Holiday Party On A Budget

Holiday parties are the most fun part of this time of the year! It’s the the time where everyone lets their hair down and just have fun. Comment below and share some of your favorite holiday party ideas on a budget.

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