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3 Ideas For New Years Resolutions You’ll Commit To

3 Ideas For New Years Resolutions You’ll Commit To

Need ideas for New Years resolutions? These New Years resolution ideas are perfect for how to be successful in 2018. These 2018 resolution tips are great!

Coming up with ideas for New Years resolutions can be tricky. Most of us write an extensive list and as the year progresses, we ditch them. Research suggests half of us make them and only 8% achieve them. Generally ideas for New Years resolutions consist of things like this: get in shape, get organized or something like, spend less on food. If you are someone who is determined to finally achieve what you set out to do, there are a few tricks to the trade. Entrepreneur Tim Ferris, best known for his advice, is one of the world’s most forward thinkers who shares several tips for success. Like resolutions, reaching them insinuates success. So, while you might be searching for specific ideas for New Year’s resolutions, tips for how to succeed will help you reach your goals. After all, I can’t tell you what goals you need to be making – that’s your prerogative.

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Ideas For New Years Resolutions That Make You Successful

Start Small

Tim Ferriss suggests starting small. While that sounds generic, I’m sure you have found yourself setting small goals for yourself and still not hitting them. Ferriss believes that no matter how small your goal, it can always be specified. If you find that you want to cook 5 days a week but haven’t reached that goal, change it to 3 days a week. Generally diets or goals are set up to make you feel as though you are losing. If you don’t meet your New Years resolution goal repeatedly, chances are you will end up just giving up. Your mentality needs to change.


Make your yearly resolutions ones that set you up for success. Additionally, rather than having a list of 10 New Years resolutions, keep it at 2 or 3 goals you’d like to hit. You can get to the others as the year progresses and once you truly master your important New Years resolutions.

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Specific New Years Resolutions

As you may have guessed, making specific New Years resolutions are essential. Here are a few New Years resolution tips for people trying to lose weight: set a specific weight and date you need to hit. Leading me to the final resolution tip; set an incentive.


Incentivize Your New Years Resolutions

Hold yourself accountable for not reaching your resolutions. Rather than just telling yourself, “oh, I guess I’ll try again next year” (that losing mentality I spoke about earlier) and giving up, have a consequence to not achieving. Some ideas Ferriss mentioned were as follows:

1. Write a fairly generous check to an organization/person you dislike and give it to a friend to hand over on that final goal date.

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2. Make it a contest with a friend. Take embarrassing photos of yourself (both of you). In the end, the winner gets to post the loser’s photos all over their social media.

These are just a few ideas for New Years resolutions that will guarantee success. While they might not be specific yearly resolution examples, they are strategies for being successful.

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What are some of YOUR ideas for New Years resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!
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