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7 Ideas For Helping To Make Your Dorm Room More Comfortable

7 Ideas For Helping To Make Your Dorm Room More Comfortable

Knowing how to make your dorm room as comfortable as possible before move-in day arrives is so important when it comes to back to school shopping. Especially if you are an incoming freshman and it will be your first experience living in a dorm room. You definitely want to make your living space as welcoming and cozy as possible, right off the bat! Here is a breakdown of some ideas and purchases you can make to help ensure that your dorm room is as comfortable as your room at home. 

1. Fuzzy Blankets

There is nothing better than wrapping yourself up after a long day in a soft, fuzzy blanket. Having one – at the very least – that is easily accessible to you in your room will make your whole dorm room experience that much more enjoyable. Plus, you can get your blanket in any shape, color or size that your heart desires!


2. Stuffed Animals

Remember that stuffed animal that comforted you throughout your childhood? Despite the stigma around it, we promise you will not be considered as a baby for bringing your stuffed animal to college with you. After all, everyone does it and what’s better for helping to make your dorm room more comfortable than the iconic teddy bear that has comforted you for so long!

3. A Beanbag Or Comfy Chair

We all know that beanbags are some of the most comfortable seating options out there. Getting one for your door room will provide you with an alternative place to hang out if you ever want a change of scenery from your bed! Plus, if your bed is lofted, you can put your beanbag under it so you have a comfortable place to chill before you climb up for bed!


4. An Assortment Of Comfy Pillows

Pillows can make or break how you sleep or how you rest when relaxing in your bed between classes. Getting multiple pillows of any and every style that you personally pick out, will automatically make your bed – and dorm room for that matter – more comfortable and more you! More is better so don’t even think about holding back when buying your assortment of comfy pillows!

5. A Bed Rest Pillow

Why sit in an uncomfortable wooden dorm room chair if you have your very own bed rest pillow on your bed?! This pillow is a perfect addition to any dorm room as it allows you to sit comfortably straight up when you lean against it and work on any school work you position on your lap. We promise it is a great purchase if you decide to get it to make your dorm room experience more comfortable!


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6. A Hammock 

Some may say they are unconventional and unnecessary, but hammocks are a comfortable and unique touch to any dorm room! In order to have a hammock, you will need to loft your bed but once it is lofted the rest will be history. Your room will be all the rage, and everyone in your hall will want to come to your room and literally hang out in the comfort of your dorm room hammock!


7. The Comfiest Mattress Topper You Can Find

Last but not least and maybe the most important touch to your dorm room regarding comfort since a good night’s sleep is very important for all college students… a mattress topper! Take as much time you need picking this one out since no two are the same and you should go with whichever is most comfortable for you! We promise you won’t want to leave your bed if you get the right one!


Tell us which of these seven ideas made your dorm room most comfortable this past school year! Or if you have any more ideas on how to make your dorm room more comfortable, comment below!

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