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Ideas For Dorm Room Storage You Have To Try

Ideas For Dorm Room Storage You Have To Try

Packing for college can be difficult. The concept of deciding the necessities vs. something you may need in the near future is almost impossible. It becomes even worse if you go to school far away from home and cannot quickly go home for a weekend to grab more stuff. Therefore, overpacking is inevitable and leads you to have half of your bedroom in your dorm room with half the space. But no need to fear. Check out these ideas for dorm storage in order to fit the most in that little room!

Underbed Crates

A classic way to store your stuff is to place it in crates underneath your bed. Whether they’re plastic, mesh, or metal, crates provide enough space to hold items, without seeming too cluttered. You can even look for shelving to place the crates or if they are sturdy enough just stack them on top of one another. You can pick some colored ones that go with your dorm theme, or if you just want them to blend into the background, a classic black or white will work just fine.

Ideas For Dorm Room Storage You Have To Try

Mesh Bags For Your Closet

Sometimes closets can be hard to place your belongings in. You don’t want to just have everything bursting out each time you open the door, as this is an ineffective way to keep your space tidy and organized. Therefore, investing in a hanging storage organizer on the back of your closet door would be a smart idea. Whether it’s your shoes, towels or miscellaneous items you decide to keep in the unit, you will be happy to have it to place the items you don’t want to be scattered all over your room.

Ideas For Dorm Room Storage You Have To Try

An Ottoman For Optimization

Most dorm rooms are very old. The furniture is typically wooden, including those awful desk chairs. So if you’re looking for a comfy seat that gives you some added storage inside you should definitely consider an ottoman. They are great to store extra boots, electronics, beauty items, etc. Plus when you have friends over, they provide a cushion for them to sit on rather than just lounging on your bed. The best part is that since an ottoman is already a furniture piece, it won’t even stand out as a storage item at all, meaning that you can hide these items too when you feel it’s necessary.

Ideas For Dorm Room Storage You Have To Try

Designate A Desk Organizer

With all your homework and textbooks, your desk is bound to become a little cluttered. You may even end up shoving random items in your drawers, as a quick “cleaning method” when you have guests over. A desk organizer allows you to keep these scattered items in one place and provides a specific location when you’re looking for something in that area, rather than searching through each drawer. You can even get an organizer to separate olds assignments and study guides that you want to remove from a folder but may still want to hold onto before the final.

Ideas For Dorm Room Storage You Have To Try

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When In Doubt Use Drawers

Most likely the closet or wardrobe that you’re given is going to be really small. And you might even have to split the space in half with your roommate(s). Plastic drawers under the bed give you the concept of having more dresser space, without having a second dresser sitting in the middle of the room. They are relatively cheap and easy to transport(your parents will be thanking you on move-in day).

Ideas For Dorm Room Storage You Have To Try

A Chest For The Rest

A chest (trunk) is a cute way to store your belongings, without making it seem like you’re trying to use it for storage at all. Due to its nature of being a common decor item, a chest works perfectly as a space for extra pillows, sheets, or towels. You can even find chests in different colors other than just black, meaning that you can even coordinate your storage to the theme of your dorm room. Talk about a win-win situation!

Ideas For Dorm Room Storage You Have To Try

How do you store your extra stuff in your dorm room? Let us know in the comments section!

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