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10 Ideas For Decorating Your Room

With these dorm decorating ideas, your room will stand out from other bland, ordinary ones. Here is some inspiration to really show off your personality, and turn your dorm into the coolest spot on campus.

1. Hang Up Your Record Collection

Show off your taste in music by hanging up your records (or vinyl if you prefer) on the wall. Frame them above your bed or dedicate a specific wall to your collection. Hang as many as you want or hang up nine frames and rotate the albums on display for a fresh look whenever your heart desires. If you have a dorm mate, you might even bond over your music taste. No matter your preference, the album art will look gorgeous on your wall!

2. Light It Up!

There’s something about fairy lights and neon signs that make a room look so cozy. Find a neon sign that makes your room inviting and lets all of your visitors know that bad vibes are not welcome. Pair it with some fairy lights to brighten up a photo wall so all of your favorite memories are visible even at night. If you can’t hang a neon sign on the wall, try a small neon desk lamp which you can even use to work by at night.

3. Make Your Own Movie Theater

As a college student, you’ll tend to find your budget on the more restricted (or non-existent) side, but you don’t need to spend money to have a good time. With this idea, you won’t even have to leave your dorm! Simply set up a projector (you can even diy your own) and pick a movie to transform your dorm into your own movie theater. To get it feeling extra comfy, lay out a bunch of blankets and pillows to sit on and share a bowl of fresh popcorn with a friend, because, once they see your theater setup, your dorm will become the new spot to chill.

4. Show Off Your Love For Photography

Do you have a bunch of unique, expensive cameras or a big camera collection you would love to show off? Whip those babies out and line them up on some shelves for a gorgeous discussion piece and to keep them in reach if they’re still functional. Whether you like vintage cameras or are a fan of the newer instant film cameras, this is a great way to decorate your room, and let others know how passionate you are for photography. You could even hang up some of your favorite prints along side the cameras for your own personal portfolio wall.

5. Bring Nature Inside

If you like a more nature-oriented aesthetic, bring the outside in by decorating your dorm with your favorite plants. Hang some ivy in cute planters around your bed or desk area for a touch of greenery in your space. Give smaller plants a home on your bookshelf to scatter some green in unexpected spaces. If you are a little more DIY savvy, you could try to recreate the plant headboard/shelf in the image below. However you decide to decorate with your plants, they will absolutely perk you up and make the atmosphere in your dorm lighter.

6. Create A Collage Wall

Collage walls are the new wallpaper. Spruce up your dorm by cutting your favorite ads and images out of magazines. Find some inspirational or aesthetically pleasing images on Pinterest and Tumblr to add a little variety to the collage. Tape some pages over others or cut them into interesting shapes to supply some texture and appeal. The great thing about a collage wall is that there is no wrong way to create one. Just arrange images in a way that appeals to you to lend some personality to your room.

7. Decorate With Your Artwork

Got art? Hang up some canvases with your own artwork around your room. Pick a few of your most-loved pieces to make your dorm feel more like your own personal space where you can unwind freely. Using your artwork to cover the bland colored walls will brighten things up and give your dorm the feeling of an art studio. Place some plants alongside your art for additional free-spirited vibes.

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8. Set Up A Chill Corner

Whatever that means to you. Pile a bunch of cushions on the floor, hang some soft lights, and assemble some plants nearby if that makes you happy. College doesn’t have to be all work, and you should definitely feel like your room is a place to get away from stressful assignments and exams. If flowers and lights aren’t your thing, fill the corner with the things that make you feel happy and relaxed. Turn it into a reading nook or a gaming spot. Just make sure its a chill spot for you to be.

9. Pick A Theme

Choose a theme and decorate accordingly. Your theme can be inspired by a color or something broader like the ocean, vintage, preppy, etc. You could even base the theme on something like your favorite movie or book. Try to tie the decorations together so they suit the theme. For example, the image below has a blue/ocean theme. They tie in a collage of ocean pictures with blue tapestries, and a seashell mobile so the theme is really obvious. You can change the theme every semester or with the seasons to keep things fresh.

10. Consult Your Crystals

Crystal and astrology lovers, this one’s for you. Draw positive energy to your dorm by sprinkling your crystal collection around your room. Place them on window sills (if they can be exposed to sunlight), on your desk, on bookshelves, or even along your headboard for some sparkle and emotional healing from exams. Hang some constellation posters and star maps for an additional touch of celestial wonder. Bonus style points for crystal and astronomy related decor!

Which of these ideas inspired you the most? Share with us in the comments below!

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