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10 Ideas for an Awesome Girls’ Night In

Having a get together with all of your girlfriends is definitely fun! Sometimes, girls’ night out gets old and you may want to have a girl’s night in. A girls night in can be just as fun if not more fun as a girls night out. With these ideas, you’re sure to have a great night with the girls!

1. Cook a Meal

Making a simple meal together is great bonding time. You can make something simple like tacos or chips and dips, or try a more elaborate meal if your friends like to cook. It’s definitely fun and the end result will be delicious!

2. Play a board game

Take a trip back to your childhood and play your favorite board game with you gal pals! Whether it be Monopoly, Life, Trouble, or Candyland it is sure to be exciting and have lots of laughs.

3. Watch you favorite movie

Whether it be a chick flick, comedy, action movie, or scary movie. Watching a movie that you all will enjoy will keep you entertained and definitely gives you something to chat about at the end. Check out this blog post highlighting the 30 best chick flicks for some ideas! You can also have Harry Potter or Disney movie marathon.


4. Make a DIY project

Everyone loves a little Pinterest project! Browse on Pinterest and find something that interests all of you that you guys would want to try. It will be a lot of fun, and everyone can go home with something new. Check out our DIY Pinterest board for some college and dorm room DIY project ideas!

5. Makeovers

Doing makeovers isn’t just for young girls! Find your favorite YouTube beauty guru, watch some tutorials and try them out. Whether it be for makeup, hair or nails you guys will learn something new and have fun while trying it out. Ask each girl to bring a nail polish, and their makeup bag to try some different looks.

6. Do some online shopping

Shopping online with your girlfriends is a great way to get a couple opinions, and also keep tabs of how much you are spending. It is much easier to get carried away when you shop on your own! Don’t forget to check out Studentrate so you don’t miss out on student discounts !

7. Watch a new series: Whether you’re re-watching an old time favorite or a new show, watching it with your girlfriends makes it more fun. You can even turn it into a weekly routine and plan future girls nights!

8. Video Games: Let out your inner child with some video games! If you guys aren’t into action games, you can always try a game of Just Dance. You will get a good workout and a good laugh trying out the moves and watching your friends do the same.

9. Bake Cookies or Cupcakes

Making baked goods is a really fun activity with your girlfriends. You can attempt a couple of recipes, then try all the delicious treats you made (and laugh out your baking mistakes!). Our Pinterest board has tons of ideas for sweet recipes.

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10. Make fun cocktails

If you’re 21, make some girly cocktails for your party! Whether it’s pink lemonade, sangria or just a bottle of wine, make sure you have some supplies for your girls night in.  Check out our Pinterest board for a ton of drink recipes.


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