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Iconic Makeup Looks To Copy For Valentine’s Day This Year

There are makeup looks for all occasions. However, there is one occasion that we all really strive to look good for: Valentine’s Day. It’s quickly approaching and will be here before we all know it. Some of you are going to sit at home or maybe even have a “Galentine’s” Day with your besties. On the flip side, some of you are going to be going on some hot dates. Maybe it’s a first date, maybe it’s your 5th year in a row with the same cutie pie, either way, you’re going to want to look good. Besides a bomb outfit, makeup is also important to looking stunning on Valentine’s Day. To inspire your Valentine’s Day makeup, here are some iconic makeup looks strive for:

1. Gold glitter and red cut-crease

A lot of these makeup looks will have red involved because it’s freakin’ Valentine’s Day. To make that red really pop though like none of the other makeup looks, add some glitter. Not just some red glitter, but gold. You will look like the modern goddess of love. The two shades will contrast each other in the best ways possible. The red will pop and the gold will glow

2. Soft, dewy, pink look

Not all of you want to go full glam, I know. If you are wanting a soft, subtle look go for some light pink shades in your makeup bag. Maybe some liquid pink eye shadow to get the dewy look. To keep the soft makeup look going, you cannot forget lipstick. A sheer pink gloss or lipstick will pull everything together. You’ll look elegant and pretty. You don’t need to worry about looking overdone or underdone. 

3. Heart stenciled eye shadow and glitter liner.

If you are one of those people who can really pull off festive makeup, you’re going to really love some of the looks in this article. The first one you are going to love is this one: a heart stenciled into the eye shadow with glitter liner. This is seriously a look. This isn’t the most outlandish festive Valentine’s Day makeup look, but it’s a good one for if you want to be a little subtle. This isn’t subtle at all, but it’s a little more subtle than the other ones that will be mentioned later. Pinks, maroons, purples and a glitter eyeliner sounds beautiful to me, and it certainly is. 

4.  Shimmering inner corner

After blending your pinks, oranges, and purples eye shadow for the gods, add some sparkle. Not to the lid, but to the inner corners of your eyes. Adding some highlight to your inner corners is pretty typical, but adding shimmer and glitter to your inner corners is iconic. You will be seriously having a moment with this makeup look. 

5.  Glitter, glitter, and more glitter, with some hot pink liner

Let’s get a little more bold with our makeup looks. So, if you aren’t necessarily going on a date, because this definitely isn’t a date look, this look is something you should try with your gal pals. Line your eyes with some hot pink liner and make it so sharp that you might be stopped before you go into the club because it’s a safety hazard. Then add some glitter to the lids, the cheeks, and the nose. You’l definitely be making a statement with this makeup look.

6. Red smoky eye

Make that red eye look look a little more smokey with some darker burgundy and maroon eye shadow. Keep your red eye shadow on the inner lid, but add your burgundy and maroon on the inner and out edges to smoke it out. It’ll be sleek and sexy, perfect for your hot date. Add a nude lip so you don’t take away from your eye look. 

7. Red eyeliner

A very simple Valentine’s Day makeup look is just simply wearing red eyeliner. No shadow, no gimmicks, just a sleek red cat eye. It’s a very cute, effortless look. It’s perfect for any Valentine’s Day festivities, including a date night. There isn’t much to it. You’ll be able to pull this off with a nice gloss and maybe some tinted moisturizer. It’s a natural glam look, since we don’t natural have a red cat eye.

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8. Shimmer pink with glossy lips

Liquid eye shadow is really in right now. It offers dewiness, shine, and shimmer. So, it’s great for a Valentine’s Day makeup look. Try a pink shimmer liquid eye shadow for your makeup look. To keep with the shimmer, wear a shiny gloss. Make those lips look like glass! Don’t forget a little highlight on your nose for an extra pop. Keep the pink theme going with a pink outfit. 

9. Heart-shaped freckles

Here is another one of those bold looks. Makeup is really being considered an art these days and we are all totally here for it. From sunflowers painted all over cheeks, to little star accents below the eyes, everyone is seriously getting creative. It’s only appropriate that for Valentine’s Day you do a look with heart-shaped freckles. You’ll look adorable and soft. Plus, this make up look is definitely selfie worthy. You’ll be proud of your work. 

I hope you are inspired to go out of your comfort zone with makeup this Valentine’s Day. There are looks here for anyone going out on a girl’s night, a hot date, or even just hanging out at home being festive. Everyone will be totally heart eyes for you. The fun thing about makeup is that you can wear a really simple outfit, but still look completely bomb because of your stunning eye makeup. None of these makeup looks will sell you short. Shoot your shot this Valentine’s Day, not only with that cutie you’ve been eyeing up, but with that makeup look you’ve been dying to try. 

What kind of makeup looks are you going to try this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments, for even more inspiration!

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