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Iconic 90s Winter Fashion Styles You Should Replicate

Iconic 90s Winter Fashion Styles You Should Replicate

Winter is approaching, and its time to get into warmer clothes. Even though we have to pack on the layers, it doesn’t mean we can’t look cute doing it. We have curated a list of 90s winter fashion styles below to channel our inner Rachel Green.

1. Layered Dresses with Shirt/Sweaters

How cute is this combo? Not only is it chic and channeling the 90s, but it’ll keep your arms warm as the weather gets colder. Thinking about dressing a little bit warmer? Opt for a long dress and a sweater instead of a shirt. There are so many variations of this cute look, it’ll never get old. Some of our favorite dress options are from Brandy Melville. If you’re looking for something more adult, look up slip dresses, and there’s sure to be an option you’ll love.

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2. Big Chunky Cardigans And a Thick Black Belt

The perk about it getting colder is our ability to shamelessly wear sweaters and sweatshirts for weeks on end. In our opinion, the cooler the weather, the cozier the clothes. We also love any excuse to accessorize. Pair your big sweater with a belt to draw your waist’s attention and give you a little shape. Sweaters can sometimes be overpowering, adding a simple black belt can make all of the difference. This is one of our favorite winter fashion styles you don’t want to miss.

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3. Turtleneck Sweaters

We said we were channeling Rachel Green vibes after all. Here is one of our all-time favorite looks. A turtleneck sweater is an excellent fall-spring closet staple. Wear it a cute pair of jeans, a skirt (as shown below), or feeling bold, a pair of leather pants. It doesn’t matter what your style is; you can make a turtleneck sweater work in a multitude of ways. Play with monochromatic colors, all black, bold colors, and different textures to make it work best for you.

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4. Loose Fitting Light Wash Jeans

You’ve seen these jeans featured in one of our looks already. That’s because they were and will always be a staple. This is one of our most essential basic 90s winter styles that you need to have in your closet. They literally go with EVERYTHING. Wear with a sweater, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, puffer, coat, nylon jacket, etc. Boyfriend jeans, not your thing? Go for a pair of flare jeans. They’re super cute, incredibly flattering, and you’ll still be channeling the 90s.

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5. Sheer Tights

Instead of choosing a pair of leggings this winter season, go for a simple black tights pair. Wear them under a dress, a skirt, or a cute pair of shorts. We love this all-black look features below. Style with a pair of Dr. Martens or any other chunky black boot, and you will be 90s ready. Our favorite brand is Sheertex, they’re the strongest and most durable tights in the world. Instead of only getting one use out of your tights, you’ll be able to hang on to these for a long time.

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6. Oval Sunglasses

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear sunglasses. Sometimes the snow can have the same effect the sun does. People who live in areas with a lot of snowfall can understand. Not only are they practical, but they’re incredibly cool. If Rachel Green isn’t to your liking, Lisa Bonnet might be. Look at how effortlessly chic she looks in the image below. Plus, you can wear these all year long!

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7. Leather Blazer

Winter jackets don’t have to just do the job. Get yourself a warm and cozy leather blazer that can go with almost everything you own. Wear it over dresses, shirts, sweatsuits, and more. Not into Cindy Crawford? Think Hailey Bieber.

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8. Matching Sweater/Pant Set

Like we said above, a monochrome look should always be in the cards. We love this turtle neck sweater paired with pleated pants below. But you really could create this look however you want! Most everything on this list has different variations. If this look isn’t for you, go for a color that more suits your style. Don’t like a turtle neck sweater? You can dress this down concept down with a sweatsuit instead.

See Also

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9. Sweater Dress Set

Our number one priority is staying comfortable and stylish at the same time. When you’re not feeling like throwing on a pair of pants, throwing on a cozy skirt that isn’t too form-fitting is the perfect option. It truly is one of our favorite winter fashion styles that you shouldn’t overlook.

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10. Statement Pants

If you’re not a skirt person, that’s okay! There are endless fashionable and comfortable pant options that we absolutely love! High-waisted pleated pants are always a staple when thinking about 90s fashion. If you’re feeling funky, try a plaid option like the photo below! You can dress it up with a cute bodysuit and a jacket or keep it casual with a long sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater.

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11. Puffer Coat

Everyone needs a good winter coat in their lineup. What better way to channel 90s winter fashion than with a big statement puffer coat. We love this neutral option pictured below, but we love a platinum black or a matte black option if you’re looking for something more grunge. For a bolder look, swing for bright red, orange, or any other rainbow color.

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Let us know your favorite winter fashion styles in the comments below. What year do you want us to cover next? Most importantly, who is your favorite 90s fashion icon? We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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