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6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

As the city of Los Angeles has constant warm weather year-round, there is never a bad time for some ice cream! This treat will cool you down in the hot weather. LA is one of those cities that has unique dessert places across the city that are Instagram worthy.

If you are craving something cold, sweet, and delicious while exploring, be sure to stop by one of the plethoras of ice cream stores in LA. Several places offer unique flavors that worth to try or have a great presentation. With that being said, here are six ice cream stores in LA that you got to try:

1. Wanderlust Creamery

Compared to other ice cream stores in LA, the thing that makes Wanderlust Creamery stand out is that all of their flavors are inspired by travel and countries around the world. Although Wanderlust Creamery’s original store is located in Tarzana, they have other store locations in Venice, Atwater Village, and Smoragasburg Los Angeles. There is usually a long line at any of its locations, but it is definitely worth the wait! Some notable flavor combinations served at Wanderlust Creamery include Thai Tea, Kinder, Ube Malted Crunch, and Smoky Road.

6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

2. Sweet Rose Creamery

Since it opened its first store in 2010, Sweet Rose Creamery has become one of the best ice cream stores in LA. The company locations in Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and Los Angeles (Mid-City). All of their ice cream flavors are made daily at their Santa Monica Location. Sweet Rose Creamery buys fresh and organic ingredients from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, which is only a mile away from the Santa Monica location.  

6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

3. Carmela Ice Cream

This popular ice cream store has two locations in Los Angeles and Pasadena. Carmela’s signature and the most popular flavor is the salted caramel, which is what made them one of the best ice cream stores in LA. The store serves some other unique ice cream flavors such as strawberry buttermilk, brown butter sage, lavender honey, and brown sugar vanilla, to name a few.

In addition, their sorbet options quite tasty as well and some sorbet flavors include pear champagne, raspberry rose, and blackberry vanilla bean. The place also makes amazing sundaes!

6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

4. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

With 4 stores across the city in Calabasas, Venice, Los Feliz, and Larchmont, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has taken LA by storm with its satisfying out-of-the-box flavor combinations. There are several stores across the country as well. Some flavors offered by this business include Brambleberry Crisp, Blackout Chocolate Cake, and Frose Sorbet.

As one of the popular ice cream stores in LA, there is bound to be long lines at any of their locations. If you don’t want to wait in line or don’t live near one of their locations, you can purchase some pints either online or in grocery stores selling Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. 

6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

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5. Humphry Slocombe

Located on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice, this store is one of the ice cream stores in LA you have to try for its unique and scrumptious flavor combinations. Secret Breakfast (in the photo below), Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, and After School Special is among Humphry Slocombe‘s bestsellers.

6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

6. Little Damage

Little Damage is one of the most Instagram-famous ice cream stores in LA for its trademark black cones that are naturally colored with activated charcoal. The store is in Downtown LA. They serve only soft-serve ice cream and use only local ingredients from organic dairy farms.

Soft serve flavors at Little Damage rotate on a seasonal basis. One can snap photos of his/her black charcoal cone with the neon signs in the background or at one of the sidewalk selfie spots. 

6 Ice Cream Stores In LA That You Got To Try

The next time you are longing for ice cream, which of these cool ice cream stores in LA do you want to try first? Let us know in the comments below!

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