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8 Ice Cream Shops In Toronto To Help Cool Off This Summer

8 Ice Cream Shops In Toronto To Help Cool Off This Summer

8 Ice Cream Shops In Toronto To Help Cool Off This Summer

Looking for a way to beat the summer heat? Check out these Toronto ice cream shops for a sweet treat to help you cool off. Everything from extreme milkshakes to dairy-free options these ice cream shops have all you’re looking for.

Sweet Jesus

Location – You can find Sweet Jesus ice cream shops all across the city, even one at the CNE when it opens. The three downtown locations are inside the Eaton Centre mall, Queen Street East and the classic John Street location.

Sweet Jesus also had locations outside of Toronto and offers a catering service to bring them to you. Originally named after the phrase people say when tasting their ice cream, Sweet Jesus has continued to expand and grow now opening international locations as well.


What to try – My personal recommendation is for Sweet Baby Jesus, caramel soft-serve, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce, caramel, chocolate and peanuts, which you can get in a cup, cone or even a pint!

8 Ice Cream Shops In Toronto To Help Cool Off This Summer

Ed’s Real Scoop

Location – Ed’s original location is at the Beaches but there are Ed’s ice cream shops in Leslieville and Roncesvalles. Each location offers fresh ice cream, sorbet, pies and much more so you’ll never struggle to find something you love


What to try – Ed’s uses only fresh and natural flavors so grab a pint of the flavor of the day and enjoy!


Location – Nanashakes is located on Younge Street in North York.

What to try – This is one of the only completely vegan frozen dessert places in the city and they pride themselves on providing delicious and healthy dessert choices. There are options for Nana- bars, bowls and many others but the best is still the classic shake. Try out the banana bread flavor and be prepared to eat your shake with a spoon.


Arctic Bites

Location – Artic Bites is on Baldwin Street in the Discovery District not far from St. Patrick subway station.

This is one of the first ice cream shops in Toronto to offer ‘stir-fry’ or Thai style ice cream rolls


What to try – The best part of Artic Bites is watching them roll up your favorite flavors so appreciate the show of creating these sweet treats.

8 Ice Cream Shops In Toronto To Help Cool Off This Summer

Dutch Dreams

Location – This funky spot is on Vaughn Road and is filled with cute knick-knacks and decorative frames on the walls. Dutch Dreams is also open until 11 so it’s the perfect spot for your late night cravings!

What to try – This Toronto classic is known for it’s over the top cones stuffed full of toppings so this is the place to go overboard and try every topping you can think of!


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Location – Booyah is actually located not far from Dutch Dreams on Vaughn Road, but the two ice cream shops are as different as they come. Instead of the eclectic style of Dutch Dreams, Booyah is a super sleek and modern location.


What to try – The ice cream sandwiches are the real stars at Booyah, as they don’t make their own ice cream in-house. Order a whole or half sandwich and stuff it full of your favorite flavors and toppings.

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery

Location – This ice cream shop and bakery is located in Ossington and specializes in combining it’s two components. Bang Bang is regularly packed so be ready to wait in line for these flavors

On top of their regular ice cream and cookie flavors, Bang Bang also offers a few vegan ice cream flavors and vegan cookie options so if you’re vegan you won’t feel left out.


What to try – Combine a bakery item, either the many cookie flavors or another of their baked goods, and stuff some of their ice cream between it. The most popular flavor of ice cream seems to be the bright purple Tataro, which is both beautiful and tasty.

8 Ice Cream Shops In Toronto To Help Cool Off This Summer

Fugo Desserts

Location – This worldly dessert location is located near Younge and Dundas but has menu items with global inspiration.


What to try – Try out some of the flavors you can’t find in a typical ice cream shop, like Thai tea or try one of their perfectly Instagram-able cones, like the Cookie Monster, which features blue ice cream with mini chocolate chip cookies pressed into it. Whatever path you decided to try, you’ll be happy you tried it out.

What are your favorite ice cream treats for the summer? Let us know your dessert recommendations in the comments below.

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