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7 Ice Breakers For College Students To Try With Roommates

7 Ice Breakers For College Students To Try With Roommates

7 Ice Breakers For College Students To Try With Roommates

Moving in with a college roommate can be both exciting and nerve wracking. Whether you’re a new or returning student, there’s no way to avoid that first award interaction. Here are 7 ice breakers for college students to try with their new roommates.

Twenty Questions

Taking the time to get to know one another is one of many great ice breakers for college students. By getting to know your college roommate, you can make the situation go from awkward to comfortable. You can start off by asking easy questions like, “Where are you from?”, “Do you have any siblings?”, or “What do you plan on studying?” Once you become more comfortable with one another, you can move onto subjects and topics that may be more controversial or harder to talk about. Best of all, you don’t have to speed round questions one after the other, instead, you can play a round of twenty questions, desert island, two truths and a lie, etc. Starting a conversation with your roommate is the best way to not only get to know their expectations and boundaries but who they are as a person.

7 Ice Breakers For College Students To Try With Roommates

Decorate Your Dorm Together

Decorating your dorm room is both exciting for you and your new roommate. Whether you decide to decorate your room as a whole or individually, it’s a process you can do together. When I first met my college roommate, we decided to drive to multiple stores and pick out bed sets, lights, chairs, and even posters we wanted to decorate with. From start to finish, we worked together to make our dorm room go from looking like a hospital to a cozy apartment. Through this adventure, we were able to get to know one another and our own personal styles.

Explore The City

When you move to a new area, it’s always exciting to explore your surroundings. If you or your roommate is familiar with the area, make the effort to venture to some favorite spots. If neither of you knows the area too well, do some research and discover the most popular places to dine out or visit. When I first got to my college campus, my roommate and I made the decision to hop on the T and get off at a random stop. From there we would walk the streets for hours and visit multiple shops. Not only were we able to become familiarized with the area, but we created memories, shared laughs, and discovered some of our favorite places to visit. Nothing says getting to know your roommate like getting lost and going on an adventure.

7 Ice Breakers For College Students To Try With Roommates

Attend A College Event Together

Typically, colleges or universities will host multiple events the first week of moving in. At my college, we had the option to go to Bingo, College Jeopardy, Karaoke, and even a hypnotist. These events are great for passing time and getting to know the people around you. College is about putting yourself out there and having fun while doing it. Rather than spending an awkward evening inside binge watching Netflix, invite your roommate to a college event and go together. This will not only make them feel included, but it will result in some great roommate bonding time.

Create A Bucket List

College is supposed to be filled with excitement and memories. Nothing says creating memories like making a bucket list. Wherever you decide to go to school, there should be plenty to do beyond your college campus. From places to eat, tourist attractions, and places to shop, there are multiple locations to travel to. With the help of Yelp, Four Square, and other review apps, finding activities to partake in should be no problem. If you really want to be spontaneous, make a list of places you want to visit or activities you want to do. Once you have your list, write each individual place or activity on a popsicle stick and place it in a mason jar. The next time you and your roommate can’t decide on what to do, pick a popsicle stick from the jar and plan your day from there.

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7 Ice Breakers For College Students To Try With Roommates

Watch A New Series Together

The first week of my freshman year, my college roommate and I invited our friends to the common room for pizza and Netflix. At the time, Stranger Things had just become popular and a lot of us hadn’t seen it yet. That whole night, we ate our body weight in food and watched episode after episode. In between episodes, we would share stories and get to know one another. Watching a TV series or movie with your roommate is a great ice breaker for new college roommates. You can make it routine and watch an episode every night before bed or immerse yourself in a movie marathon on a rainy day.

Go Grocery Shopping

When you think of ice breakers for college students, going grocery shopping isn’t the first thought to come to mind. It’s no surprise that college dining halls don’t have the best food options. Not to mention, when you’re pulling an all nighter or miss dinner because of a late class, having some snacks in your dorm can be a lifesaver. Rather than going to the grocery store alone, invite your college roommate to tag along with you. If you want to get fancy, discuss the idea of cooking a meal with your roommate and other friends. Nothing is better than having a home cooked meal and eating together family style.

7 Ice Breakers For College Students To Try With Roommates

These ice breakers for college students are great for getting to know your roommate and breaking that initial awkward interaction. Let us know your favorite ice breakers for college students in the comments below!

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