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I Wore Red Lipstick Everyday For A Week And This Is What Happened

I Wore Red Lipstick Everyday For A Week And This Is What Happened

Red lipstick is a bold makeup that can really make you stand out. I tried wearing it for a week straight, and these were my results!

Whenever I have a special event to go to and I need to stand out, red lipstick is always a good idea. In fact, red lipstick is the kind of thing that looks good on everyone, with all skin tones but not for all occasions. And while it may look stunning, getting it stuck on your teeth can be a nightmare. I decided to wear red lipsticks every day for a week and see what happened, these were the results.

A lot of stares.

Going grocery shopping with a full face of makeup and red lipsticks, or going to a Specsavers¬†appointment with the same look, isn’t exactly a comfortable experience. It almost felt like people were staring at me everywhere I went asking themselves why I was so dressed up. I mean, sure, sometimes it was nice to know that I was the centre of attention and other times I just wanted to crawl up in a ball and roll away.

A lot of compliments.

This was the best part of challenging myself to do this. Think about the compliments you get when going on a night out, then pretend that, that was every day. If it wasn’t “you look lovely today”, elder women smiling like I was getting married. Regardless, I did enjoy the compliments.


My lips were swollen by the end.

Now, this may not come as a surprise but wearing bright red lipstick every day and reapplying it during the day to make sure it stayed on, kind of took its toll on my lips. By the time the week was done my lips felts more swollen than usual and I’ll admit I was glad it was over.

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I had to wear makeup every day.

Believe it or not but red lipstick without a full face doesn’t look good, trust me, I tried it and regretted it immediately. This meant that I had to make sure that I was doing a full glam makeup look everyday day which didn’t really help my skin, in fact, let’s just say I’ve recently had to greet some new pimples.


Confidence was key.

After finishing this challenge I can honestly say I have gained confidence that I never thought I had. Doing a dramatic look even when I had nowhere important to be meant that  I had to stop caring about what other people thought, which actually did wonders for my anxiety.

Do you wear red lipstick? Have you tried wearing red lipstick for a week straight? Tell me in the comments!
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