I Will Only Marry A Man Like My Father

There’s a quote that floats around the inter-web that says “your dad is your first love.” At first that sounds kind of weird, but personally, my father really is my first love. He showed me how a man is supposed to love a woman by loving my mom and loving me. As a result, he has set the standard in terms of the man I want to marry, and anyone who doesn’t reach that is canceled (Just kidding, but not really). I will only marry a man like my father.

1. He’s hilarious.

One of the things my father is known for is how hilarious he is. Like I need to be rolling on the floor with my chest concaving and me crying kinda laugh. Funny thing is, he doesn’t even mean to be that way, which makes it even funnier. If I can get a hold of a man like that, I ain’t letting him go.

2. He does car karaoke with me.

When the jams come on (especially the old jams), my dad and I get into a ZONE. We sing all the words together and dance in sync. Windows down and all, truly a vibe. I really want a man like my father.

3. He listens to me vent, cry and repeat.

There’s just something about crying and venting to someone, rather than just doing it alone. Especially when he asks, “what’s wrong, sweetheart?” Then, I release the waterworks even more.

*Future man, whoever you are, I can be very hormonal, so bear with me. -Love, your wife.  

4. He’s able to tell how I’m REALLY doing, despite what I may say.

A lot of times when I’m in college, my dad can hear it in my voice that something’s going on or I’m feeling some kind of way. When I’m home, he’s able to look at me and say, “I know what you’re thinking. Stop.” Like what kind of sorcery?????

5. He always gives the best advice.

My dad literally gives the best advice, no matter the situation. So good, it needs to be written down, because I always have some sort of epiphany every time he gives it, no matter how many times he’s given it. Even though I hit a couple of walls after he’s advised me what to do, I know that I can always come back for more advice.

6. He’s super honest with me, from a place of love.

My dad would never lie to me to prevent from hurting my feelings. He is always honest with me, even when I actually want him to lie to make me feel better. It might sound kind of harsh at times, but sometimes, you need that edge to get you going. I need a man like my father.

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7. He’s always reminding me of how much he loves me.

My dad is constantly reminding me of his love for me. From the hugs and kisses I receive on a daily basis via text and in person, to the hard work he does in taking care of the family, he sets the standard for how to love.

8. His love for me is unconditional.

No matter how much I goof up, how corny my puns are, how much slobber I have on my face in the mornings, or how crusty I may look at times, my dad still holds my face in his hands and says “aww my baby girl!” Now THAT’S love.


Thank you for setting the bar high, Dad. You truly are the greatest. 🙂 – Love, Anaya

Do you ever find yourself thinking “I want to marry a man like my father?” Let us know in the comments below!
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