I Went Undercover In The Opposite Political Party Here’s What I Learned

Have you always wanted to go undercover, like your favorite TV character? With a new outlook on life and a new hat, I set out on a daytime adventure.

Have you always wanted to go undercover, like your favorite TV character? With a new outlook on life and a new hat, I set out on a daytime adventure. I went undercover in the opposite political party and here’s what I learned.

1. It’s easy to maintain your beliefs when you’re surrounded by those who share the same beliefs as you.

Going undercover in the opposite political party was both exhilarating and daunting. I had to mentally prepare myself for the overwhelming ideas I would hear firsthand. I never would have imagined myself going undercover.

I wanted to experience firsthand, what it was like to be surrounded by people who outright had different political views than me. I learned that it is easy to maintain your beliefs when you only surround yourself with people who agree with you.

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2. Although you don’t agree with their beliefs, not all the people are bad.

Despite not agreeing with many, if not all political views of the opposite party, I learned that not all people are bad. It’s almost seared into our brains that someone who has different views is the bad guy. But, that’s not necessarily the case.

In my experience, I met a couple of individuals who seemed genuinely good, despite our opposing views and support for the opposite political party. It’s amazing that talking with someone for a few minutes really allows you to understand the views of the opposite political party.

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3. The same political party won’t always like who’s representing them.

Do you always like the people who are on the “same team” as you? Just because you call yourself a Democrat or Republican, doesn’t mean you like the person who is running under your party. At this particular rally, I had supporters disagreeing with their candidate who claimed to represent their goals.

Such behavior isn’t unheard of, and lately it seems to be occurring more often than not. Unfortunately, what was happening next was something you can never be prepared for.

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4. People’s abilities to tell truth from fiction are becoming obscured.

It’s difficult to spot truth from fiction, but sometimes the truth can slap you in the face and you still somehow don’t see it. With the different news outlets and fake news all over social media, it’s becoming harder to separate truth from lies.

Do you believe in the people you idolize? It’s a hard question, especially when the ones you support are actually filling our head with lies.

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5. There’s at times, no motivation to seek out the truth.

No matter if you’re supporting the opposite political party, or no party at all, motivation to seek out the truth seems to become harder and harder. Some people will believe you if you tell them 2 + 2 =3. Logically, that makes no sense, but it doesn’t matter because at times there is no real motivation to find the truth.

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7. My thoughts.

This experience has been enlightening, and opened my eyes to many issues that we have yet to face. I learned many things. For one, going undercover in the opposite political party is an experience I’m glad I had, but would never do again. I have learned to have compassion towards others who share different political views.

It’s best to seek out the truth yourself because many people will try and prevent you from doing so. I will try and keep an open mind when discussing politics with the opposite political party. Maybe.

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Are you thinking of going undercover like I did? If so, let us know how it went below!
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