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I Went To My First College Greek Life Party And This Is What Happened

I Went To My First College Greek Life Party And This Is What Happened

An example of Greek parties at historically black colleges and university based on the writers experience. Also defining the Divine 9 and the sororities and fraternities included.

My introduction to Greek life; I can remember it like it was yesterday, the colors, the symbols and the people; everything was so exciting, because it was the Ques probate. I was at the end of my freshman year and I managed to avoid partying during my first semester, but then I received an invitation to the probate. Before we go into the story here are a few quick facts and concepts that will help you along the way. For starters; a probate is the ceremony announcing the new members of that sorority or fraternity.

Everyone wants to be Greek

The Divine 9 are nine historically Black Greek letter organizations that make up the NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council). Many of these fraternities and sororities may be found in majority of college-educated Black families in the United States. There are a total of nine sororities and fraternities: The Alphas, AKAs, Omega, Delta, Sigmas, Zetas, SGRo, Kappas, and Iotas. Usually in most HBCUs (historically black college and universities) there are a dominant presence of at 2 of the 9 groups.

During this semester at Savannah State University, the dominant fraternity was the Alphas, and it was rumored that the Omegas (Ques) were planning to have a break out line that would take over the yard. The yard is the center of the university and campus life; where historic references, monuments, and the fraternity/sorority plaques are, and whoever runs the yard has the advantage throughout the entire school. Fraternities and sororities are social clubs that most students want to be a part of because it is said that they are well connected and would give you an advantage once you graduate.


Side note: The truth behind that theory is unknown to me, however during college they have the social advantage.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Omega Psi Phi!

Fraternity parties I assume at any school are the social highlights of the week, and SSU was no exception. As an 18-year-old I wasn’t exposed to much drinking until I went to college. Like everyone else sororities and fraternities captivated me at first, because they ran the school and were the “popular” people, so when an Omega man introduced himself to me, I was instantly interested; he was attractive, sweet, and charming. His first words were, as he valiantly stopped me while my friends and I were walking “You are extremely beautiful, I would love to show you around Savannah. Little did I know he would introduce me to Greek party life.

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After, we went out to for a slice of pizza he invited me to the biggest party of the year, that would take place after the probate; Greek from all over Georgia attended, and there I was completely drunk from Que oil. Every Greek has their special alcoholic beverage that only members know the ingredients for, and there I was, embarrassing the DP of the line. The DP is the present authority figure, he was the head and he was interested in me and I couldn’t hold my liquor. Somewhere in between me flirting with another guy and making out with some random chick, there I was at the center of attention and all that came out was puke. This was by far the most embarrassing introduction to partying in college. Luckily, I think everyone was drunk out of their mind so in the end my embarrassing moment had surpassed.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

What is college?

College is where most young adults begin experimenting and experiencing lifelong pressures of life. The purpose is to help you figure out who you are and what you like doing, and that’s no walk in the park. Although I believe deep inside everyone there is a sense of who they are, and many struggles are with having the ability to comfortably express yourself, and college or being on your own, helps you develop skills and independence. I learned that night that I am way more social drunk than I am sober.

What is your experience with Greek life? Did or do you want to become a part of a Greek organization?
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