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I Tried Out Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty And This Is What Happened

I Tried Out Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty And This Is What Happened

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is like the magic I never knew existed. Here is my experience with getting a nose job and why you should try it!

Everyone has a feature that they lowkey don’t really like. Whether it’s your big ass forehead, your non-existent eyebrows, or your lack of edges, it’s normal, and we’re all our harshest critics of ourselves.

I liked everything about my nose…except its bump. If you’ve ever tried to contour a crooked nose, then you know what I’m talking about. 9 times out of 10 it’s a massive fail and just ends up making your nose look even more crooked. I’m deathly terrified of surgery (and also broke) so I never even considered a rhinoplasty. But with the rise of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures like lip  and cheek fillers (which seriously became a fad after Kylie Jenner admitted to getting her lips augmented), I knew there had to be a nonsurgical way to fix my annoying bump- and there is!

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves injecting hyaluronic acid (like Juvederm, which is mostly used in lip filler procedures) to smooth out bumps and straighten a crooked nose. And it’s literally like MAGIC.


Some of these transformations are so good you would think it’s rhinoplasty. And the best part about it is that it’s not permanent- filler wears off between a year to two years so you’re not stuck with a permanently altered nose in case you’re not feeling it.

And so, after saving up for about a month (nonsurgical nose jobs are way cheaper than rhinoplasty and usually run between $700 to $1500), I booked an appointment at BeautyFix Med Spa in Manhattan. With a following consisting of Cardi B and numerous Instagram influencers, I knew I was in good hands.


The first thing that I had to do before committing to the procedure was go in for a consultation with one of their head doctor. I nervously stepped into her office, prepared to have my appearance torn apart and to leave with a list of other ‘suggested’ cosmetic procedures I should try. I was wrong.

Upon entering her office, I was greeted by one of the head doctors.

“So what brings you here to BeautyFix Med Spa?” She asked me in a thick, Slavic accent.


“I don’t like this bump on my nose and I want it gone.”

“Hmm.” She stood up from her desk and immediately came over to examine my nose. After lifting my chin to get a closer look at both of my side profiles, she exclaimed, “You know your nose is broken, right?”

“Oh…” I didn’t even know what to say.  I was shook. But I realized that it made perfect sense. I had a nasty scooter accident when I was 8 and fell flat on my face crushing both of my adult front teeth. I always noticed that my nose looked different before this accident, but I just attributed it to puberty.


But BROKEN?!? And my dentist didn’t even have the nerve to pop in back in place after he finished fixing my teeth? I was livid.

“Yeah, it’s broken.” She says again, looking at me with concern that no one had ever broke the news to me. “But it can be easily fixed.”

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She explained that I had an ‘easy’ nose and would only need a small amount of filler to smooth out my bump. The result would be a straight, symmetrical nose with a cute lifted tip. I was sold.

And so, after making an appointment to have the procedure, I came back a week later to fix my broken, crooked nose. After binge-watching numerous nose filler augmentation videos on Instagram, I was slightly nervous about the massive needle that was about to be injected into my face.


Luckily for me, my injector was cool AF and made me feel totally comfortable and calm about the procedure. After injecting an anesthetic on my nose, she went on to craft her magic. The procedure was literally PAINLESS. I did not feel a thing whatsoever, and on top of that, it was over in less than 10 minutes.

When I looked in mirror, I was shocked. My previously crooked nose was now straight, with a clear definition on the bridge and a cute perky tip. I was THRILLED.


If you’re thinking about getting a non-surgical nose job, just go for it. It’s quick, painless, and lasts for about a year or two. But remember, it’s an illusion, so it won’t actually change the size of your nose but will make it appear smaller overall. And depending on the severity of your bump, it can either be a drastic change or a subtle one.

If you hit up Beauty Fix Med Spa, don’t forget to say my name! 😉

Would you ever consider having non-surgical rhinoplasty? Comment below!
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