I Tried Olivia Munn’s Predator Diet And Here’s What Happened

If anyone knows anything about me, it’s that I hate diets. I think they’re one of the worst ideas someone could’ve ever invented. I mean who really wants to be deprived of their favourite foods just to drop a dress size. NOT ME. So, it seems funny that I’m now writing an account of a diet that I’m almost one month into and actually really enjoying – and not just because of the added benefits or weight loss and amazing toning. That’s just a plus. I feel fuller, have more energy and my skin is looking surprisingly glowing. What’s the diet I hear you ask? It’s the Predator Diet.

That sounds stupid, I know.

Actually, it’s the diet that whipped Olivia Munn into shape for the new Predator film that’s just recently opened in cinemas. It was actually an idea put ahead to me by my other half mainly because one of the foods that you’re allowed within it. After hearing him out, I wasn’t turned off by the idea. And after months of exercising, eating well, drinking water, resting up, all of that business and seeing no difference in my body weight, I was willing to try something knew.

I Tried Olivia Munn’s Predator Diet And Here’s What Happened (predator diet)

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The diet itself is pretty simple to follow.

For breakfast: half an avocado, a tablespoon of hemp seeds, lemon juice and some kosher salt to finish. A mid morning snack of apples and peanut butter – Munn would sometimes use almond butter because of judging health addicts, but I’m not surrounded by them so I went for peanut butter. Lunch (my favourite) consisted of a yellow curry, vegetables and white rice. A mid afternoon snack of watermelon, grapes and banana and more peanut butter, and dinner a salad with more veggies and quinoa.

I Tried Olivia Munn’s Predator Diet And Here’s What Happened

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Now, I bloody love fruit so the snacks weren’t a problem.

Curry might be my favourite meal ever, so again no issue there. Avocado I’m not fussed on, so I shoved it down with green tea every morning and salad, though not my friend didn’t really have any guidelines to it. Therefore, I went for the salad that I like: peppers, lettuce, cucumber, mix in the quinoa and it was a pretty easy diet to follow. And I know what you’re thinking, don’t you get bored? Surprisingly no. It’s a good thing I like curry and peanut butter.

I Tried Olivia Munn’s Predator Diet And Here’s What Happened

So, onto the important parts:

The difference I’m seeing and the health benefits. It’s worth noting that I exercised 4-5 days a week, rotating cardio and weight training throughout – and I’m still doing that.  I’m diabetic so the low carb element really benefitted me. Trying to lose weight while injecting infinite amounts of insulin every day is pretty impossible – it’s actually what was stopping me from losing weight originally. On the “Predator Diet”, I’m doing less than 12 units of insulin a day and my blood sugar levels have never been better. So, from a diabetes point of view, it’s pretty spectacular. With all the fruit and veg I get throughout the day, (as well as 3 pint glasses of water) I’m getting a lot more water than I used to and surprisingly don’t use to loo as much as I thought I would.

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And internally?

I’m far less bloated than I have ever been and the change in my body just within these three weeks has been astounding – even for someone who finds it difficult to see a change. I also have a lot more energy than I thought I would which is great for me, because before I was always tired and found it a really struggle to get out of bed in the morning – I blame university. I’m much happier in myself both in body and mood, so that’s also a plus.

I guess I could rave about the “Predator Diet” for days because I’ve finally found a) one that has food I like and b) one that’s actually working for me. But one thing I will always say, is that you should never force yourself to diet! By all means, try this one out – it’s worked great for me. But your body is your body, so don’t force yourself into a diet to look good. This diet for me was about getting better control of my diabetes and losing a little weight around my middle that in the future would cause problems. I did this for myself, not for other people, so try this diet for you or don’t diet at all. In the end, loving your body for what it is, is what matters.

Thinking of trying the predator diet? Let us know in the comments.
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