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I Tried A Hack That Changed My Whole Opinion On False Eyelashes

I Tried A Hack That Changed My Whole Opinion On False Eyelashes

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I’ve always had a fascination with false eyelashes. People might take an extra 20 minutes to stick tiny bits of hair to your eyelid and potentially blind themselves in the process. It’s not a beginner’s feat in makeup by any means.

Or could it be?

I found a hack to make putting on eyelashes easier and decided to give it a try. And it worked! False eyelashes needn’t be a task anymore.


The Discovery

A typical Tuesday evening. Home from work and wanting to kick back with dinner and beauty videos to teach me tricks that I’d probably never apply in my own routine in a broad reality.

But what’s this?

‘Applying False Lashes UNDERNEATH Your Own Top Eye Lashes’


(You can find the link to the video here.)

Eyelashes on your eyelashes and not on the lid?! That couldn’t be comfortable, surely. There was no way.

But as the video progresses, I’m becoming more and more intrigued. This could work for me.


My eyelashes are naturally quite long and have a slight curl, and have always caused an issue with general placement, as laying banded eyelashes on my eyelid is a task in itself from the natural eyelashes being in the way.

I have considered magnetic eyelashes for this very reason, but have heard nothing but bad things from close friends. This was due to difficulty applying the magnets correctly, and the ‘unnatural’ look of the straight band that can’t be curved to fit the lash line.

But this trick of applying the false eyelashes under my natural ones could revolutionise the way I go about using them. It was about time I gave it a try myself.


The Process

I said a quick prayer, as my glue isn’t the best on the market and would cause me a lot of discomfort if this went wrong. Nevertheless, once I get an idea in mind, I won’t be deterred from trying it.

Though Hannah states the best way to work with this method is to cut your false eyelashes in half and then work in sections, I wanted to save time and try applying the false eyelashes all in one.

Instead of applying the glue directly to the band of the false eyelashes, I painted it on top, as they would obviously be placed in a different position to what they normally would be. I’d recommend waiting until the glue is nearly dry, as I was impatient and tried sticking them on before the glue was tacky and my eyeballs didn’t agree with that! (Same goes for my best friend Nerissa, who got so excited when I told her I’d be writing about this hack that she almost probably blinded herself. You go girl, slay the hack!)


During application, I realise I had stuck one eyelash too close to my inner corner, and this cause some mild discomfort, as the false eyelash band was causing the eye to tear up. This could have been fixed if I had placed the lash closer to the outer corner instead.

The Result

Though one eyelash was giving me slightly more irritation than the other, due to my placement mishap, I had no other complaints with this method. It felt as though there was nothing even was on my lashes. They were not weighed down at all with this method, despite first assumptions that I would feel them for sure.

Some days when I’d do eyelashes on top of my lashes, I’d refuse to leave the house unless I had applied eyeliner as well, to disguise the fact my band was so visible. And with this method, the eyelash band was nowhere to be seen.

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It did feel as though this method, in comparison to the normal method of applying on the lid, would be faster for me personally, as I wouldn’t be constantly aware of the visible band line on my top lid and adjusting them, as it would be hidden by my natural lashes.

With the inclusion of effective lash glue and smaller lashes, I can now see this method being a constant in my beauty routine. Thank the internet for improving my face game one trick at a time!


Recommended Products

Accent eyelashes are great for this method, as they’re less likely to cause irritation to your inner corners and will be easier to apply due to their compact size.

I Tried A Hack That Changed My Whole Opinion On False Eyelashes

Black eyelash glue will work well in this instance, as the black base will blend in well with the base of your eyelashes.


I Tried A Hack That Changed My Whole Opinion On False Eyelashes

An applicator is key for this hack, as this will allow the eyelashes to mesh together effectively and look much more natural. If you don’t fancy purchasing an official lash applicator, a tweezer will work as well.

I Tried A Hack That Changed My Whole Opinion On False Eyelashes

Are you tempted to try this false eyelashes hack out yourself? Let me know in the comments below!
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