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I Stopped Giving My Friends Relationship Advice And You Should Too

I Stopped Giving My Friends Relationship Advice And You Should Too

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When it comes to relationship advice, we all have been personal therapist or emotional supporter for our friends going through relationship issues. As the mother of my friend group, I’ve gotten plenty of phone calls from my friends expressing their frustrations with past and current relationships. I give them the brutally honest facts and truth about ways to better their relationship. Some will listen while others continue to make the same mistakes!

If you tend to provide friends with advice and show your concern, it’s time to stop helping them out if they continue to not listen. Who wants to constantly repeat themselves and not see any results? I definitely don’t give advice to friends who never listen because they seem to enjoy getting played! It’s time to stop giving free therapy! Here’s some reasons why you should stop giving your friends dating advice!

They Never Listen!

No one likes repeating themselves! We’ve all had moments with friends spilling the tea about their relationship and asking us for help. There’s a small chance of them actually using the advice! If that person is deeply in love with their partner, there’s a 50/50 chance of them taking your advice or telling their partner your thoughts towards the relationship.

If your friend snitches about you giving them advice to leave their partner or if you caught their partner cheating, just stop giving them advice and let them learn a lesson! If the best option is for them to end a relationship and it’s never happened, it’s your friends fault for still dealing with all that crap. Just tell that friend to go talk to someone else about their repeated mistakes. This is a reason why you should stop giving your friends dating advice.

Friends Don’t Care For Your Dating Problems!

Some Friends Won’t Care About Your Issues! They only contact you for emotional support but are never around to check on how you’re doing. You need to analyze the friendship and think about the many times you’ve needed dating advice. Who wants to be friends with someone that doesn’t care about your happiness? If you’re experiencing this idea, it’s best to talk to your friend or give them that same type of energy they’re giving you! This is a reason why you should stop giving your friends dating advice.

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You’re Not Experienced!

This is dedicated to those who have barely or never been in a relationship. As the single friend, my taken friends have asked me for dating advice or spilled tea about the mistakes they’ve done in their relationship. It’s definitely hard to give them advice at times due to the way dating is seen this generation but most important if my advice is wrong then it’s my fault! If you’re the friend who states the facts or have used other friends relationship mistakes as examples to help you give advice, then it’s time to stop giving advice. Not only are you possibly giving the wrong advice and you’re spreading the tea about your other friends relationships.

It’s None Of Your Business!

There’s no point of you giving relationship advice to something that isn’t your issue. It’s best to intervene and help out if there’s a chance of someone getting hurt. If your friend is asking advice about her boyfriend not sharing food with her, just keep your mouth SHUT! If there’s a sign of your friends partner being a cheater or giving off negative energy then you should DEFINITELY talk to them about it! If they decide to not take the advice, at least you showed that you genuinely cared!  This is a reason why you should stop giving your friends dating advice.

Do your friends ask you for relationship advice regularly? Are there any other signs that you should stop giving your friends relationship advice? Comment below and share with your friends.
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