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I Played Sexy Truth Or Dare And Here’s What Happened

I Played Sexy Truth Or Dare And Here’s What Happened

I played sexy truth or dare and I can say that a sexy spin-off of the game can make your relationship and sex life more exciting.

You might be thinking: truth or dare? Seriously, who still plays that. But a sexy spin-off of the game can make your relationship and sex life more exciting. If you’re looking for a new way of spicing up your date nights, try out the adult version of truth or dare. I wouldn’t recommend this for every date night. However, doing it randomly throughout your relationships will keep you and your partner on your toes. Keep reading to find out what happened when I played sexy truth or dare.

Start off Slow

If you’re stumped on ideas of bringing more excitement into your relationship, sexy truth or dare might just be for you. Introduce the idea to your partner, so that you both can get a feel for the game. Try it over a glass of wine during dessert or while watching a movie. Be sure that you and your partner are comfortable. When I first played this game, my fiance and I were home watching movies. We decided to have some drinks as well, and the game escalated pretty quickly. Once you and your loved one are comfortable you both can dive right in with intimate questions.

Don’t Plan, Make it Spontaneous

Once we were acclimated with the game, we started playing randomly throughout our days. It was like an elephant in the room, we never spoke about it, we just did it. One day we were making out and he asked, “Truth or Dare?” It was great. The spontaneity made it that much more fun. Try it when you’re out running errands. Usually we don’t ask each other anything to crazy, but once we’re home it’s a whole other story.

Set Boundaries

When you and your partner are just starting the game make sure you both set boundaries. For us, our boundaries included no talking about our exes, no dares that will make you uncomfortable, and don’t overdue the questions from the start. It’s easy to want to jump right in with intimate questions, but it’s best to start slowly and warm up to the sexier questions. Setting boundaries will allow you to ease right into the game by knowing what your partner wants. Before you know it, you’ll both be running into the bedroom, or better yet doing the deed right where you are.

Allow For Substitutions

Usually when we play sexy truth or dare, there is always a way for us to get out of doing one. For instance, I was dared to accompany my partner to the store. Here’s the catch, with no underwear on. If I wanted to opt out I would simply need to take a shot of alcohol. If your partner doesn’t feel up to a dare, simply suggest they substitute it for something else. Whether it’s an intense kiss, or sexy lap dance, you both can ultimately decide. These substitutions added a whole new level to our sexy game of truth or dare.

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Make it Fun

There are so many ways to make your sexy truth or game fun. Try adding in some toys, lingerie, or fruit to spice up your game. If those seem extreme, an ice cube will go a long way in spicing up your date nights. Sometimes less is more, however it’s always fun to try new things with your partner. Just make sure you both are on the same page. Once my fiance and I added some fun things into our game, it made us closer than ever before.

If you’re looking to spice up your night, try playing a sexy game of truth or dare. Let us know whether your game was a success.
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