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I Partied In Ibiza For A Week: Here’s What To Expect

I Partied In Ibiza For A Week: Here’s What To Expect

Ibiza is the obscure Mediterranean island that you’ve probably only heard about through Instagram influencers and Youtuber vloggers.

Ibiza (Ee-bee-tha) is the obscure Mediterranean island that you’ve probably only heard about through Instagram influencers and Youtuber vloggers. The name in itself conjures up imagery of shirtless David Guetta clones shuffling to deep house music, Victoria’s Secret models jet-skiing their lives away to paradise, and of course, infamous pill-poppers taking Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” a tad too seriously.

By the grace of cheap airfare Gods, I was somehow magically able to afford a one-week vacation to the Cancun of Europe, where British college students flock to every year on their summer and spring breaks. What I expected was cobalt seas and white sand, with maybe a little partying here and there…but damn, did I highly underestimate how big the party scene is on this island. Somehow, I managed to live through some of the most intense and extravagant parties I’ve ever seen in my life and made my journey back home to the states after 7 days in utter paradise. If you’re thinking of hitting up this European tourist hot spot for your summer vacation, then these are the 5 things that you should expect when you visit Ibiza.

1. There Is House Music EVERYWHERE

In Ibiza, you live, breathe, and eat house music. There is house music in the airport, in the lobby of every hotel, in restaurants, in the grocery store, on the beach… you get the hint. Even when you think you’re safe on a jet ski in the center of the Mediterranean, lo and behold you will begin to hear the faint thumping of deep house music in the distance on a party boat. Luckily for me, I actually love house music so I wasn’t too upset about that. But for people who aren’t really into the EDM scene, this island probably isn’t for you.

2. It’s Not As Expensive As It May Seem

Emphasis on MAY seem…if you budget correctly, you can definitely afford it. My roundtrip there and back including a spa hotel cost just under a grand, but there were options for apartment hotels and airbnbs that were well within the $500-$700 range. Also, knowing the right people in Ibiza is everything if you’re trying to get into the famed clubs where world-renowned DJs host parties. My bestie and I didn’t spend a dime getting into those parties because we mingled on our first few nights out and became friends with promoters who got us in for free. That being said, it’s still a luxurious Balearic Island where most celebrities own beach houses at, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to blow out your savings account if you really want to.

3. Everyone Looks Like A Greek God

In Ibiza, everyone is extra AF- especially tourists. Everyone is also impeccably tan with sunkissed hair glowing to the Gods. I never once saw a pair of sweatpants the entire time I was there. If you’re going to be extra with your wardrobe and appearance, then Ibiza is definitely the place to do so.

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4. The Locals Hate British Tourists

Just as I’m sure locals in Cancun despise American college students, the locals in Ibiza vehemently detest British partygoers. In the words of some of the Ibiza natives I spoke with, it’s because they are party fanatics who let their drug use get in the way and end up disrespecting the beautiful island. So if you’re planning on visiting Ibiza, definitely try NOT to be an obnoxious tourist.

5. It Really Is As Beautiful As They Say It is

Aside from the most lavish, intense and impeccably extra parties I’ve ever attended in my life, my favorite part of my stay was basking under the Mediterranean sun and absorbing all of the beauty that the island has to offer. The clearest waters I’ve ever seen in my life were in Ibiza, and the weather is consistently PERFECT throughout the summer season. If you’re over the beach (I don’t know how you could ever be, but to each their own), there is a part of the island called Eivissa that is just an hour bus ride away, where you can marvel at the stunning cathedrals and renaissance architecture from the middle ages.

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