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I Met My Long Distance Boyfriend For The First Time And Now We’re Getting Married

I Met My Long Distance Boyfriend For The First Time And Now We’re Getting Married

Most people might think that having a long distance boyfriend would never work, but I'm living proof that it absolutely does.

Most people might think that long distance relationships never work, but I’m living proof that they absolutely do. I first met my fiance online through a mutual game we both played. From there we messaged each other, eventually spoke on the phone, and finally met in person. We both never expected that things would last as long as they did- we are so grateful it did though. Now four years later we are living with each other, and are planning our 2019 wedding. Keep reading to find out how I met my long distance boyfriend for the first time and guess what? We’re getting married.

How We Met

For many people, how I met my fiance is a bit nontraditional. While I was an undergraduate in college, I played a couple of computer video games in my spare time. Surprisingly, this is how I met my- now fiance. He message me while I was playing and from there we began to talk, which was every time we were both online. Slowly, after a couple of weeks we spoke over the phone. I loved his voice. When I first heard it I thought, Wow, that’s a great voice. By this time it’s been maybe a month since we met, and we both didn’t know what the other looked like. We exchanged Facebook information, and funny thing, he thought I was cat-fishing him. We both joke about it, even today- four years later.

Officially Dating

After meeting in September of 2014, by February we officially started dating. It was a few days before Valentine’s and he asked if I could be his girlfriend. I was unsure how this would workout. I lived in California, while he resided in Minnesota. We were polar opposites. I was a city woman living in the suburbs, and he lived in a small town with a whooping two thousand population. Ultimately, I said yes and by Valentine’s Day we were girlfriend and boyfriend. With a long distance relationship there needs to be lots of trust and patience. We were desperate to meet one another, and it came sooner than we thought.


After months of dating we were dying to see each other. In order for this to happen we both dropped the ball to ours friends and family that we were dating. We both somewhat lied about how we met, for me out of embarrassment because it was through our mutual love for a computer game. Our families weren’t too thrilled about this. The dangers of online dating are real, however with technology now it’s easier to know that you are talking to the right person. With our schedules now in sync it would finally be the time we would meet each other face to face.

Our First Face to Face Meeting

The first time we met was without a doubt the scariest, and most exciting day of my life. The butterflies didn’t hit me until I was pulling up to LAX. My head was spinning, and I WAS terrified. Will I be able to recognize him from the pictures? What if it somehow isn’t the same person? These were the things running through my mind as I was sitting there, until I finally seen him. The pictures were right, the Snapchat videos were right, it was him. He waved, and I waved, and suddenly we were off. It was about 11 pm, and the drive to the hotel was a bit awkward at first. Then suddenly we talked as if we had known each other for a long time. Conversation flowed between us, and it was great.

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We’re Getting Married

After our initial meeting, my fiance and I made trips throughout the years to visit one another. As our love grew, so did the ache we felt when we had to leave each other. It doesn’t get easier, but it gets better. For his 25th birthday (two years after we first met) I planned a trip down to Florida. It was magical. We were popping our Florida cherries with a trip to Orlando, and one day at the beach he popped the question. I said yes- because I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. Today we have been together for four years, and almost engaged for two. Don’t let distance stop you from sharing your life with your special someone.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and have an experience similar to mine, comment below and share your story with us.
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