I Like Sex, So What? Discussing The Double Standards Of Sex

Men and women are constantly caught up in the double standards of sex. What is ok for one gender, is considered taboo for another. But why?

Sex has been around, well since forever. It’s kind of the cornerstone to human life. But as time moves along and old ideas of virtue, chastity, and pleasure begin to shift, there is still the harsh realities of the double standards of sex. So what are the double standards and why are so many people still stuck in their archaic views.

He’s “the Man”; She’s a Slut

This is perhaps the most obvious of the double standards of sex today. And perhaps of all time. A guy can have as many sexual partners as he wants, actually it’s encouraged that his numbers are high. The more partners he pulls in, the more revered he becomes. Yet a woman who likes to have a lot of sex, or has multiple sex partners is still referred to as a slut. No matter how progressive we think our society is getting, there are still people cutting down its progress with every hushed, backhanded comment about not sleeping with THAT girl or she get’s around. I wish I could just say, hey let’s grow up and cut out this double standard, but I know it’ll be a while until that becomes a reality.

I Like Sex, So What? Discussing The Double Standards Of Sex

Pleasing Yo’ Self

Ah, masturbation, we all do it. Yet, it’s often thought of as a horribly taboo thing for women to discuss or even think about. But masturbation for men is practically expected once they hit puberty. Many a teen movie jokes have been created off the idea that men are prone to masturbate. Boys will be boys, and all that crap. But what about us women? Science has proved that masturbation is healthy and natural, so why are girls still expected to think of it as this forbidden and dirty act?

I Like Sex, So What? Discussing The Double Standards Of Sex

We Like Sex Just As Much As Men

Contrary to popular belief, women do enjoy sex just as much as men. We crave sex, just as much as men. The notion of women only wanting sex to fulfill their biological functions is completely ridiculous. In this double standard of sex, women are viewed as incubators, just fertilized to keep the human race going. Not only is that insulting it is categorically untrue. The is nothing wrong with women wanting and enjoying sex.

I Like Sex, So What? Discussing The Double Standards Of Sex

Yes, We had Sex, No, I’m Not In Love With You Now

I’m not sure why men feel like then can be the only unattached member of a classic “fuck buddy” situation. Yes, we just had sex, but that doesn’t mean my hormones have automatically zoned in on you as my future husband, my soulmate, my one and only. That just does not happen.We wanted sex, that’s pretty much it. This is one of the double standards of sex that is most harmful, because it paints women as needy, clingy, and overly emotional (as if emotions are something to be ashamed of). Women are perfectly capable of fulfilling their desires with men and nothing more.

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I Like Sex, So What? Discussing The Double Standards Of Sex

Slut Shaming, It’s A Thing

This notion of slut shaming is rooted deep within the double standards of sex. Women are constantly shamed for every ounce of their sexuality on the daily. Everything from the number of our sexual partners, to the clothes we wear, to what pictures we post on social media can be twisted and viewed by men and other women as inappropriate, slutty, and wrong. Effectively slut shaming. And this idea that women cannot be sexual is harmful because when girls eventually come into their sexuality, they feel ashamed of it, as if they’re doing something wrong. A woman’s sexual energy and passion should never be stifled, it should be celebrated.

I Like Sex, So What? Discussing The Double Standards Of Sex

These are some of the harsh double standards of sex that I have noticed. What are some that you may have faced? Let us know in the comments below.
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