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I Let Someone Do A Spiritual Cleansing In My Apartment And This Is What Happened

I Let Someone Do A Spiritual Cleansing In My Apartment And This Is What Happened

Having a spiritual cleansing done in my apartment was an interesting experience, to say the least. Here's what ended up happening.

What a coincidence that I’m going to discuss this around the creepiest season of the year. Talk about perfect timing. I really hope none of you get weirded out. For distinctive reasons, people may feel the need to “cleanse” their home. Maybe you’re feeling uneasy in your place. Or maybe it’s just a new home that you want to have blessed. What I’m saying is, this isn’t an unordinary practice. In many religions and cultures it’s appropriate to practice cleansing’s of many sorts. It’s popular in Native American, Hindu, African, and Spanish cultures. I’m sure you’ve heard of Voodoo and Santeria. Well the purpose of a spiritual cleansing is usually to rid the home of negative energies or spirits, or even sometimes to grant luck. You can have it done by a member of a church, a friend, or a family member who’s familiar with the practice and culture. In my case it was a random offering.

The Call For A Cleansing

Occasionally weird things “happen” by my home. Someone left a strange, gigantic tin tub filled with random yet specific items by the front of my house once. It totally creeped me out, but honestly I just ignored it, and one day it was gone. Rocks have been placed around the yard in a fashion. A thin branch about 3 feet long stands outside of my door. They’ve been there for the years that I’ve lived here and I haven’t questioned it because I know some people are just different, and practice some different rituals. We have to share the world right?

Well one day something was outside my home that went a bit too far–I won’t say what because I don’t want to weird any one out. I was weirded out by it too (or more like annoyed at this point). You’re probably thinking I should move from here. That’s easier said than done. So I’m just going to fast forward now to what was done about “It.” “It” was crazy really and led to the need of the spiritual cleansing that I had done. Funny thing though was that I did not request this cleansing. It was offered to me by someone who lived near by and understood the intentions of “It.”

I Let Someone Do A Spiritual Cleansing In My Apartment And This Is What Happened

The Cleansing Itself

These people were convinced (and so was I) that there were bad goings on, and that my home needed a cleansing. After an explanation of what needed to be done they produced some supplies. Dressed in all white and one in all black, they strode through every room with incense, spreading aromatic smoke everywhere. They waved them like wands in every corner of the ceilings. The two women walked into a room and their faces turned frightened and disturbed. They said “yes, the turmoil is in here,” “something very bad happened in this room.” So immediately I was freaked out. They acted as though it weren’t a big deal and it could be resolved easily. They recommended that I buy a cross and place it in an utmost and lofty place, and said that to complete this spiritual cleansing, I needed to break an egg outside of my door. They walked me through all of this, until the very last procedure.

I Let Someone Do A Spiritual Cleansing In My Apartment And This Is What Happened

The Aftermath

I’m unaware as to whether one is supposed to feel anything pending this process. I didn’t know if I was supposed to feel better or at ease. Feel uplifted or actually spiritually cleansed. I couldn’t make out any real results or changes in myself or my home. But they left me with one expectation, that totally had me unable to hide the shock and hysteria from my face when they told it to me. “Someone will call you in a few days, or a week. And you will know who left that (thing) on your front steps. Because it will be the person who calls.”

I Let Someone Do A Spiritual Cleansing In My Apartment And This Is What Happened

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Did It Work?

I know. Proof or it didn’t happen right? Well I’ve got none of that, unfortunately. I didn’t think I’d be telling the story. I didn’t record the call, the spiritual cleansing, or even tell anyone that this happened, until now. Someone did call me. It was completely out of the ordinary, because I stopped talking to this person a long time ago. As soon as I answered and recognized their voice, I thought of the women who had done the spiritual cleansing. I thought of how they said someone would call.

On the call they seemed to have no specific reason to speak with me. It was a sort of rambling call and I’ll even go as far as to say they sound riled up a bit. Like frightened about something. They just said “hey how’ve you been” and other small talks, and questions about how things were going with me. They were oddly telling me stuff about what they had been up to even though I was completely disengaged in the conversation. When the call was through, I never heard from or spoke to this person again like before they had called. It was really the creepiest thing I’d ever experienced.

I Let Someone Do A Spiritual Cleansing In My Apartment And This Is What Happened

That’s really all I can explain. I hate to buttonhole here but there are parts to this story that can’t be said. I let someone do a spiritual cleansing in my apartment because they claimed it was necessary. They left me with expectations that actually fell through, and now I’m left wondering what the deal was with that whole situation. I’m stuck somewhere between belief and disbelief.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Ever had a spiritual cleansing done in your home? Let me know in the comments…
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