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I Just Listened to The Call Her Daddy Podcast For The First Time And These Are My Thoughts

The Call Her Daddy podcast has been entertaining listeners for 74 episodes. Somehow this podcast slipped through the cracks for me since I haven’t heard about it until a week ago. After listening to a few episodes safely in my headphones, I have quite a few thoughts and even considered calling HER daddy in the near future. 

The low down

Here’s a brief rundown of the Call Her Daddy podcast if you are also new to the Daddy Gang. The weekly comedy podcast has been around since August 2018 and is hosted by Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn, two women in their twenties living in New York and still trying to figure out life as they go along like the rest of us. Call Her Daddy is a podcast coming from Barstool Sports, a sports and pop culture blog appealing to sports fans but also has a section on their website dedicated to “CHICKS”. This is where you’ll find new episodes every Wednesday and catch up on the lives of Alex and Sofia. 

First impressions

When it came time to finally give this podcast a listen, I picked the most recent episode which was titled “SUPLEH”. Was this supposed to mean something? An inside joke perhaps? I guess I had to listen to find out. Little did I know what a ride I was in for as the hour-long episode covered everything from Gossip Girl to the absolute worst first date stories. If I could have gone back in time and given myself some advice prior to listening for the first time, I would have opted for plugged in headphones instead of listening with a speaker. I quickly learned that Alex and Sofia do not hold back AT ALL when it comes to the details of their love and sex lives. I would not say I am a prude by any means, but the complete raunchiness of the first episode of the podcast I have listened to did catch me off guard just a little bit. Every explicit detail of their various sexual encounters is talked about at length to entertain listeners and maybe make us feel better about our own love lives. 

The appeal

After listening to about five episodes, I can see a certain appeal to listening in each week to hear about every sexual anecdote for an hour at a time. One episode is called “Prisoners of Azkaban”, but I can assure you it is not Harry Potter-related which might be a good thing if you are a fan. The podcast is structured in a way that there is no structure. Alex and Sofia simply have a conversation where each topic and story flow naturally and are based on things they have experienced, seen and heard in their own lives. The two have a blunt conversation that resembles one that we might hear in our own lives where we sit with our own girlfriends and talk, rant and discuss anything and everything related to dating, relationships, and sex and the messiness of it all. I suppose that’s what makes a podcast worth listening to, making it feel like we are in the studio listening and laughing along with the hosts and just escape the troubles of the world for an hour by listening to each episode. 

Need advice? Ask away!

If you are looking for advice on sex and/or relationships, who better to ask than Alex and Sofia. Listeners of the podcast (who are known as the Daddy Gang) are able to slide into their DMs and ask questions as part of the Questions of the Week segment at the end of each episode. It wouldn’t be the Call Her Daddy podcast if “questions of the week” wasn’t ready in a French accent, Austin Powers impression or a combination of both at the same time. The two make it clear they are in no way qualified to give the most healthy advice, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it. Think of it like asking your friends for advice instead of a licensed therapist. Are they the most qualified? Hard no. Should you still listen to what they have to say? Absolutely. Sometimes they won’t tell you what you want to hear, but advice that you need to hear like stop hanging out with 10s if you know you are a 6. After listening to the questions that people wrote in, I can definitely say I have learned a few things about what to do and what not to do when it comes to sex and relationships.

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The final verdict

After giving the Call Her Daddy podcast a chance and learning more about Alex and Sofia in the process, I don’t know if I’m quite ready to call myself Daddy Gang just yet. I can definitely see why so many people want to tune every week to hear each new episode. You never really know what the two will talk about next. Even with all the sexually explicit discussions, there have been definitely been certain points made during their discussion that I find interesting. Why don’t men wear engagement rings like women traditionally do? Honestly, this podcast will have you questioning why are men the way they are even more. 

Despite that, I don’t think I’ll be subscribing anytime soon. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the podcast, it’s just that I don’t think it’s for me. Let’s just say I am not part of the target demographic for this type of podcast, which seems like it consists of college sorority girls. Some might agree, but I truly believe I can live a long and happy life without hearing the story of one guy having a jalapeno seed in his penis after hooking up with a stripper. If outrageous stories like these are the type of entertainment you are looking for in a podcast, then go ahead and subscribe by all means. It’s safe to say I won’t be calling her, or anyone for that matter, daddy anytime soon. 

Are you a member of the Daddy Gang? Do you recommend listening to Call Her Daddy? Let us know in the comments!

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