I Held R. Kelly’s Hand And Here’s What Happened

To see R. Kelly live, I did what any young woman would do. After saving my money for months and going without such necessities as Starbucks coffee every Friday, I finally accomplished my goal. I’d purchased my front row ticket months before the concert, after the official announcement of the Mr. Show Biz in The Light It Up tour was made public by R. Kelly’s representatives.

1. Finally, after waiting for years, I got front row tickets to see R. Kelly

On the day of the concert, I informed my boss, Melissa, I was leaving work early.  I was finally going to see my favorite R & B singer, R. Kelly perform! Arriving earlier than the concert was supposed to start, I purchased a souvenir book, an R. Kelly t-shirt, and a few other goodies. Next, I was ready to see exactly where my seat would be so I could be prepared ahead of time for the big show.

I Held R. Kelly’s Hand And Here’s What Happened

2. What happened before the show even started

The show was being held at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, AZ, which is a small round venue with an intimate feel. The security guards started going around to the nosebleed section and back sections of the theater as I watched wondering what was happening. It didn’t take long before I realized there were a lot of young women being brought forward to the front row. Imagine my horror after paying a hefty price for my front row ticket compared to their general admission ticket price.

I Held R. Kelly’s Hand And Here’s What Happened

3. R. Kelly held my hand while singing to me

As the lights went low, music began, and R. Kelly seemed to appear on stage out of nowhere, I careened past the security guards and was directly in front of the small platform that leads out from the stage and into the crowd. There he was, bigger in real life than on television and I was literally inches from him and able to grab him. After he sang a few songs, the music started for one of my favorite R. Kelly tunes and the crowd went wild. I was grasping up towards R. Kelly when he grabbed my hand and held it on a couple different songs for the rest of the concert. I felt my heart and soul light up and had a feeling of pure euphoria as R. Kelly, my favorite artist, held my hand as he sang sweet love songs. I felt like the only woman in the world and certainly the most special.

I Held R. Kelly’s Hand And Here’s What Happened

4. Best live performer

Overall, R. Kelly put on a fantastic performance filled with music, lights, dancers, and smoke. The concert was live, vivid performance and R. Kelly was sure to give his audience and fans all 100% of himself no holds barred. R. Kelly engaged with his fans and audience, which shows his love and appreciation for his loyal fan base. His singing was right on key and he sounds as amazing in life as he does on a recording from the studio. R. Kelly does not need any voice synthesizing or computerization to sound great. If you have not seen R. Kelly perform live yet, please do because I promise it will be worth every penny and you will get your money’s worth. R. Kelly is the best live performer I have seen in my lifetime!

I Held R. Kelly’s Hand And Here’s What Happened

R. Kelly puts on one of the best live performances.

Have you seen R. Kelly live on tour? What tour did you see him perform? What is your favorite R. Kelly song? What is your favorite R. Kelly album? Comment below and share with your fellow R. Kelly fans!

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