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I Have Two Boyfriends Who Know About Each Other…

I Have Two Boyfriends Who Know About Each Other…

Having two boyfriends may not be the norm, but I am madly in love with both of them and our relationships couldn't be any more magical.

I had always pictured the perfect relationship for myself, like something out of the Notebook. I wanted to be madly in love. That kind of relationship happened for me and it happened when both Chris* and Jeremy* became my serious boyfriends, at the same time.

I’m from a really small home town, like the type of place where the funnest thing to do is drive 40 minutes away to grab a coffee. Chris and I had went to the same high school and he was one of the best looking guys in my grade. He was in the same friend group as I was and it was obvious that we were both into each other. One day, he asked me out on a date and I was hooked from there. When it came time to go off to college, he wanted to stay at the local state school and I wanted the complete opposite. I decided to go to a big school on the East coast and before I knew it we were in a long distance relationship.

Being at a school in a completely different atmosphere with so many new faces was something that I loved. It was a relief from the boring life I had back home. My new friends and all of the new experiences quickly made me realize that I was missing out on so much. I joined a sorority, something I never thought I would do, and that is how I met Jeremy. The “brother” fraternity held a huge party a few weeks into school and it was the first real party I had ever been to (one that wasn’t 10 people sitting in the basement of a friend’s house).

Jeremy was standing across the room when I walked in and he completely caught my eye. As the night went on, I caught him looking at me multiple times. Finally, he came over and introduced himself. Before I knew it, he was walking me home and we stayed up talking until the sun came up. I went to walk him out of the building and before he left, he leaned over and kissed me. IT WAS MAGICAL.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Chris and how guilty I felt for allowing Jeremy to kiss me, but it felt so right. I decided not to tell Chris and continued our relationship as normal. The semester went on and I saw more and more of Jeremy. Before I knew it, we were having sex and our relationship got pretty serious. Chris was the only guy I had done ANYTHING with and Jeremy made me feel something so different. Our relationship was sexy and risky and I loved that feeling. Jeremy asked me to be his girlfriend. He didn’t know about Chris until right before Thanksgiving break when I decided it was time to tell him. It didn’t change the way Jeremy felt and he told me it was up to me to keep going with the relationship. So, I decided to think about it over break.

When I got back home, I couldn’t look at Chris and not tell him that I had been seeing Jeremy. So, I broke it to him. I could see how crushed he was, but as much as it killed him, he knew the long distance relationship was something that wasn’t ideal. I didn’t want to lose Chris, we had so much history; he was close to my family, knew everything about me, and was one of my best friends. I loved him. The next day, Chris called me to come over to his house. He had told me that if I was ok with him seeing other people, he would be ok with me seeing Jeremy. That is how I came to have two serious boyfriends who knew about each other.

At first, the idea of Chris being with other women made me uncomfortable and gave me that “knot in the stomach” kind of feeling. But, it was fair if I was going to be with Jeremy whenever I was at school. It was crazy and not the normal kind of relationship, but I was so in love with both of them and loved the way things were.

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When it came time for summer break, Jeremy came to visit and he met Chris. I thought it was going to be the worst experience of my life. To my surprise, they loved each other and it was so much fun to be with them both. The night before Jeremy left, we mutually decided to see what it would be like if we had a threesome. It was the most mind-blowing sexual experience I think I will ever have in my life. I had both the men I loved in bed with me and everything felt perfect. Eventually, I may have to choose between the two. But, for now, I’m enjoying living out this fantasy.

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*Names have been changed

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