I Got My Tubes Tied And It Was The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

I got my tubes tied and it was the best decision I ever made. There is a lot to it, physically and emotionally, but here's why I'm glad I did it.

I have been a mother for 10 years. I got my tubes tied. And let me tell you this: having my tubes tied was genuinely one of the best decisions that I have ever made! This is why.  

I’ve had enough

At first I’m sure that this sounds like a totally negative comment. Don’t get me wrong, I love all three of my kids! However, I also know my limits. It’s three. As kids my grow, life becomes a little easier. There’s less stuff to drag around with us when we leave the house. Communication is a bit clearer. Schedules are a bit more flexible. I get more sleep. Every time I had a child, all of that reset. After having my first child and hitting the ‘reset’ button two more times after, I am done. Since my tubes are tied, I can look forward to watching my three kids grow and focus on making memories and progress into the future without taking detours along the way. I got my tubes tied and now I can enjoy being a mom without worrying about having more than I can handle.

I know what’s up with finances

Kids are expensive. Diapers and wipes. Clothes. Food. Family trips, birthday parties, extracurricular activities, you name it! More kids means more expenses. While I believe that my kids are the best expenses that I could ever hope for, I had to look at the bigger picture. I knew that we could have three kids and still make ends meet, even well into the future. But a fourth could have been a tipping point for us. Getting my tubes tied prevents us from reaching that point  which is a huge stress reliever to us and our bank account.

I Got My Tubes Tied And It Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

Dare I say that sex is even better?

Well, it is! I don’t have to worry about the pill, the shot, the patch, or the implant. I don’t have to be paranoid about having sex around my most fertile time of the month from fear of creating an unplanned pregnancy. Tied tubes means that I can have sex and enjoy every second of it without worry about anything else. This is even good news for my lover because he knows that I am able to connect with him in a way that I never really could before. Seriously, sex has never felt so liberating! I got my tubes tied and sex is better.

I Got My Tubes Tied And It Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

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I have a plan

I’m putting myself through college so that I can earn a degree and better the lives of my family. Everything that I do for school is online which means that I am simultaneously a full-time student and mother. With all due respect to my university and kids: its exhausting. Utterly exhausting. And it would have been even more exhausting with an unplanned pregnancy. Since I got my tubes tied, an unexpected pregnancy is no longer a concern for me. I can carry on with my plans and enjoy everything as it comes. 

I Got My Tubes Tied And It Was The Best Decision I've Ever Made

I don’t think that I could handle any more chaos

Having one kid was a change. Having two kids was a thrill. Having three kids is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life! Sometimes I don’t know if I am coming or going. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Sometimes I feel like I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached to my shoulders. Between kids, school, appointments, house work, bills, and everything in between it’s sometimes hard to just breathe. While I love the level of chaos now, I know that I could not handle adding any more to it. I have reached my maximum chaos capacity and that’s okay! Having my tubes tied means that I can keep that chaos meter capped. I got my tubes tied and I do not regret it.

After reading about how I got my tubes tied, have you changed how you feel about it? Let us know below.

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