I Bought Savage Fenty Lingerie for the First Time and Here’s How I Felt

Savage fenty lingerie is a huge hit on social media right now. Rihanna is killing every aspect of her fenty line and making girls everywhere feel sexy.

Savage Fenty Lingerie is one of Rhianna’s newest additions to her multi source of income. She created a lingerie line for women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable in and most of all feel sexy in. Savage Fenty came out not too long ago and being a fan of Rhianna and wanting to feel sexy, I went ahead and bought my first Fenty Lingerie set and here’s how it made me feel.

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1. I had always imagined growing up and dressing like a “woman”.

Like back in the olden days where woman would wear lingerie and stockings because they had to, it was a part of their attire back then. I had always loved the idea of wearing sexy lingerie under my clothes, like it was a special sexy secret that I only knew about. I wanted to feel confident and sexy all the time, so I bought my first lingerie set.

I purchased the red and white embroidered lace unlined bra with matching high waisted cheeky underwear. When I wore it for the first time, it was for me. I was at home just chilling by myself when I decided to get ready and wear my new lingerie. When I put it on I excepted it to look super sexy and I would feel totally different, but I didn’t.

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2. I found the savage fenty lingerie very cute and fun and flirty.

Not to mention the fact that I enjoyed my bra and underwear matching for once also! I found that I did have a boost in body image and that I felt comfortable in my own skin and with what I was wearing. I also felt like I could improve a lot more on my body as well. Not so much in a negative way but when wearing revealing clothes such as lingerie, I want to feel bold, sexy and confident.

Having this be my first real set of lingerie, I was able to see and embrace the way I look and feel now and then I was able to recognize also what I want to look and feel like all the time. It has helped me see that I am coming into my own and this is the way I want to look and feel like and trying the Fenty Lingerie was a fun and exciting break through.

There is such a variety of fun and colorful lingerie set and bras and panties but there is also a great selection of your blacks, nudes and white that make up your essential panty wardrobe. Rhianna’s savage fenty lingerie ranges anywhere from 3X all the way to 44DD, this really is a beautiful for woman of all sizes to be able to enjoy! Not only are there different diversions of these lingerie and panty sets to rock but these other sexy items are also up for grabs, such as her robes, corsets, slip dresses, cami and shorts combos and more!

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3. Rihanna also created within her savage fenty lingerie line, her Xccessories.

The Xccessories off fun kinky toys to bring with you into the bedroom and to play with your partner. Some of the xcessories offered are satin masks, fluffy handcuffs, whips and more.

I definitely think I will purchase again, I found her items to be relatively reasonable and alluring. I found my set to be the perfect first set but now a Fenty supporter, I plan to make my next purchase a little less casual, with more of a sexy flare to feel confident and sexy knowing what’s under my clothes.

What are your thoughts on savage fenty lingerie? We wanna know! Let us know in the comments below!

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