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10 Hypnotic Men’s Colognes Nobody Can Resist

A good perfume is as essential as a nice tie, if not more. It doesn’t make your whole outfit, but it gives that finishing touch that makes the outfit great, indeed. What’s more, a good cologne sticks to the memory more than any other visual stimuli. How many time has it happened that smelling a certain scent reminded you of someone? Probably a lot: the more hypnotic and pleasing the fragrance, the more vivid the memory. But since there are thousands of perfumes on the market, we decided to help you out. We picked out the 10 men’s colognes that nobody can resist for you to know – and try, too!

Versace – Eros EDT

Eros by Versace is the perfect combination between hypnotic nuances of vanilla and cedarwood and vibrant, fresh undertones of mint and lemon zest. It suits every season and both day and night, so you can never go wrong with it!

Armani Privé – Rose d’Arabie EDP

Though very expensive, Rose d’Arabie is an eau de perfume that would never disappoint anyone. Showcasing the Damask rose and thus recalling the desert, this fragrance is sensual and extremely pleasing.

Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue Intense

Among the best men’s cologne, Light Blue Intense has been a classic for a long time now. Its key notes include lemon, jasmine petals, and musk, all of which contribute to its fresh scent. With its fruity and floral facets, it is more suitable for the spring and summer months.

Calvin Klein – CK One EDT

Everybody Loves Ck One because of its purity and freshness. Unisex in its nature, this cologne caters to both men and women undistinctly. The contrast between its fruity top notes and its full, flowery heart notes creates an effect of fullness and warmth that will be impossible to resist.


Chanel – Bleu De Chanel EDT

Bleu De Chanel is made for the night – as the name and the color of the bottle suggest. Its intriguing blend of woods and citrus is unusual but creates a fresh and clean overall scent. Thanks to its peculiar traits, it deserves a spot among the best men’s colognes of all time.

Christian Dior – Dior Sauvage EDT

Sauvage means “wild” in French, and that is the word that most perfectly summarizes this cologne. Inspired by untouched, harsh natural environments, Dior Sauvage features floral notes of Bergamot together with ambroxan and woods. A fresh fragrance for a free spirit.

Hermès – Terre d’Hermès EDT

Terre d’Hermès can be difficult to read and understand at first, but it is undeniably one of the best men’s colognes on the market. Its woody, spicy and fruity notes blend effortlessly in a warm and captivating scent that lingers in the air even after you leave the room.

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Ralph Lauren – Polo Blue

With its notes of melon de cavaillon, fresh cucumber, amberwood and geranium, Polo Blue is suitable for every season. Featuring both warm and fresh nuances of fragrance, this fragrance is a successful contrast between winter and summer.

Christian Dior – Dior Homme Intense EDP

Contemporary in its scent, Dior Homme Intense starts with notes of cedar that blend in perfectly with flowery notes of iris and fruity nuances of pear. Sweet and slightly bitter at the same time, Dior Homme Intense is irresistible to anybody.

Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus is definitely one of the 3 best men’s colognes on the market, and its extremely pricey nature surely confirms it. With hand-selected ingredients for its composition, Creed Aventus flaunts an incredible mix of rose, blackcurrant, apple and patchouli, just to name a few. If you are ready to really treat yourself, this perfume is what you’re looking for – and you won’t regret the money spent. Have you already tried one of these men’s colognes? Let us know in the comments below!

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