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*Hype Sneakers That Should Be In Your Closet

Sneakers are something that should be treated respectfully unless they’re something you intentionally buy and don’t care if they get ruined. But, when you spend a decent amount of money on hype sneakers, you want to keep them looking fresh out of the box for as long as you can. Finding hype sneakers that you’ve wanted for a long time and are most likely well above the original selling price, you are going to treat them similar to how you would treat your own child. And, once you buy one pair of hype sneakers that boost your collection, you won’t ever want to stop.

1. Nike Air Jordan Ones

Jordan Ones come in many shapes and sizes. They are also releasing them consistently. There are some that are done collaboratively that are sought after more. Some, won’t even be released in your size. However, once you get your hands on a pair fo Jordan Ones, you won’t want to wear anything different. You will begin to want them in all the colors so they go with more outfits, you’ll find yourself waking up for the releases. These shoes are classics and you should have at least one pair of them in your closet.

2. Nike Air Jordan Fours

Jordan Fours are something that most veteran hype sneakerheads have in their closet. These are for the confident men and women who can wear these babies right. Unlike Ones, Fours can’t just go with any outfit. The outfit that you pair with these needs strategic planning. Jordan Fours are also bulkier than the Ones, so if you like a slimmer shoe these probably won’t be for you. The Jordan Four does have some classics though. The most coveted Jordan Four that came out recently is the Jordan Four “Sail”. A beautiful cream pair of Jordans that are a collaboration with Off White. If you want to get into the Jordan Four world, don’t hesitate to check those out.

3. Yeezy 350

A Yeezy 350 could easily become your everyday shoe. They are one of the most comfortable shoes that a person could own. With thick soles and stretchy material, this shoe molds to your feet. Coming in many different colors, these could be something that you can pair with anything. The 350 could even become your new favorite gym shoe. No matter why you buy them or what color you get, you need to own a pair of these. They are so incredibly comfortable that it makes the price worth it.

4. Nike Dunk Lows

The Dunk Low has become an iconic shoe. If you love Air Force Ones or low Jordan Ones, then you will absolutely love the Dunk low. The Dunk Low also has some hype collaborations such as the Chunky Dunky or the Grateful Deads. You can play it safe with the ones they come out with regularly that can be worn with the majority of your outfits… or, you could take it to the next level and get one of the Dunk Lows that is in collaboration with someone else and totally out of the box. Once you buy a pair of these you will want to keep buying because of the versatility and how good they look with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

5. Yeezy 500

The Yeezy 500 is definitely different but nonetheless sick. The Yeezy 500 is a low-top hype sneaker with soles that look kind of bumpy. These come in more muted tones that look paler than what the actual color would be. They are for the bold and brave who can pull off a shoe that doesn’t initially make sense. Similar to the 350, these shoes are also insanely comfortable. And, with the neutral tones or even getting an all-black pair, you won’t feel bad about constantly wearing them. Plus, what’s nice about cloth material shoes is that you don’t have to worry about them creasing.

6. Nike Air Max 97

The Air Max itself is an iconic shoe. Coming in many different styles, this shoe can meet the needs of absolutely anyone. The 97s though, are more versatile than the others. Being able to wear with a pair of jeans running errands or at the gym. These shoes also have amazing collaborations, one of which being Sean Wortherspoon’s collaboration. These shoes feature many different colors on them and should be treated like gold. They have a softer look to them than if you got just a pair of all white 97’s. The Wortherspoon’s are beautiful hype sneakers that should be in everyone’s closet.

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7. Nike Sacai

These shoes are so beyond different that they are not describable. With soles that jet out, two pairs of laces, and more. They are one of the most out of ordinary shoes but they are so cool. The Sacai is a type of hype sneaker that you could throw on when you’re going for the athletic yet trendy look. They look great with joggers or leggings when you want to be comfortable but still want your shoes to be the focal point of your outfit. These hype sneakers can be something that you wear constantly because of how comfortable they are or, they can be something you save for a rainy day.

8. Off White

Off White has amazing shoes. Whether it’s ones that you get from their website, or it’s ones that they have done collaborations with Nike or Converse, these shoes will turn heads. Because of how difficult they can be to get and the resell mark-up, Off White sneakers are one of the coolest shoes. They have the iconic Off White writing on them that’s in quotations marks, has their slogan on them, and more. They take shoes that have already been created and turn them into something so unique. Off White sneakers should be something that if you’re really into shoes, you should save up for or try to get them when they release. Chances are they will be some of if not, the coolest hype sneakers that you add to your collection.

Which sneakers are in your closet that more people should add to their collection? Let us know below!

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