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How to Get Ready for Vacation

Flight tickets in hand, hotel booked, daydreams of white sand and palm trees…you are officially ready to jet set off to a tropical location and have the time of your life! Except, oh wait. You have to pack and get everything you need in order so you don’t get there and realize that you have 2 pairs of underwear and no sunscreen, leaving you at the mercy of your resort’s overpriced convenience store… or just plain screwed. Here’s a list of vacation essentials to help your packing process!


1) Swimsuits: You will be in your swimsuit for most of the day, and you’ll want a selection so you don’t have to get into a just-washed dripping suit in the morning, and also because you don’t want to wear the same outfit day after day. Hot swimsuit trends for this summer include cutouts, strappy details, and high-waisted bottoms. Try them out to see if they suit you (see what I did there?). If not, always go for what looks best on you and makes you feel confident, whether that be a supportive halter style, adjustable side-ties, or a sporty-chic look that works well for boating or swimming with dolphins.

2) Cover-ups: You’ll need several comfy cover-ups to wear to the pool or beach. The terrycloth bandeau style is great for a quick fix, it’s basically a towel or robe so you can just slip it on straight from the water to the bar if you want. If you’re looking for styles that will take you from the beach to the street and possibly out for a nice dinner, look for tunics and kimonos that flow over your entire bikini and can be dressed up with sandals or espadrilles. If you just need to pop in for a casual lunch or head out to see the town, pull on a maxi dress that you can wear with your flip flops.

3) Pajamas: Don’t forget to bring clothes to sleep in! Whether that be little silk shorts and a cami or a tee shirt and PJ pants, bring a couple options in case your room is on the cold or warm side. If you are sunburned, wear loose clothing as your skin needs to breathe while healing and tight clothes can slow the process.

4) Workout Clothes and Sneakers: You’re on vacation…it’s okay to take a break from the gym! That being said, you may want to bring workout apparel and comfortable sneakers to give you the option (sweating out all the daiquiris, pina coladas, and poolside chicken fingers in the morning can be really rejuvenating). Additionally, there are so many amazing activities that you can do on vacation that you should take advantage of! Take a day off from laying out and go zip-lining, hiking, or horseback riding!

5) Sunscreen: SUNSCREEN! This cannot be overstated. Especially for a pale, freckle-prone girl like myself. “There is no such thing as a healthy tan”…we all know the drill. Bring a ton of sunscreen, because there are few worse things in life than having to stay in the shade for the rest of vacation while your friends are out partying in the sun because you’re burned to a crisp and it literally hurts when your tee shirt touches your skin.

6) Camera: You are at a stunningly beautiful tropical location, with your best friends, and not a care in the world. You will want to take massive amounts of pictures! You may want to get an underwater camera (safest bet), or a waterproof case (it pays to invest in a good one).

7) Toiletries: Don’t forget to bring toiletries, especially since the hotel’s mini “conditioning shampoo” isn’t going to do any favors for your hair. The combination of the sun and chlorine can dry out your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. It damages the keratin in your hair and strips the sebum from your scalp, so you’ll want to use a hydrating conditioner. Chlorine can tint blonde hair green, so if that presents a problem for you then you may want to look into a chlorine removing shampoo. Wearing a wide-brim hat protects your hair, leaving it healthier and shiner, plus who doesn’t love that tropical floppy hat look?

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8) Book: You’ll want to do some relaxing and lounging, and what better way in between poolside chatting and dozing, then catching up with a great book? Make sure you have enough reading material for the flights and while you’re on vacation.

9) Extras that You Don’t Know You Need, Until You Need It: Take a photo of your luggage contents in case of a loss (knock on wood). Bring printouts of reservations, and maps that you can tuck into your bag when you venture outside the perimeters of your resort. Bring enough cash for tips, eating out, day-trips, cabs, souvenirs, and a little cushion money just in case. If you’re planning on using your credit or debit card, notify your bank so they don’t cut you off because you’re using it in a new location. Bring a charger for your phone and camera, and also an adapter if needed. The temperature could surprise you, like if it becomes cool at night, so think ahead and bring a sweater or light jacket. Frisbees, volleyballs, and a cooler are fun optional extras to stash in your luggage.

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