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How You Should Approach Your Crush

How You Should Approach Your Crush

How You Should Approach Your Crush

You catch a glimpse of them walking past you in the halls at the corner of your eye. You spot them sitting a few tables away in the cafeteria. You might notice them at the big party on campus. Seemingly everywhere you roam around campus, your crush finds their way into the same area, but for as often as you’re around one another, you can’t ever seem to figure out how you should approach your crush. Whether its nerves or just “not the right time,” your mind clouds when it comes to building up the courage to say something to them.

The only way that you can truly approach your crush with any hope for success is to be fully prepared, mentally and emotionally. In order to reach full preparation, you should consider approaching them with the following:


Confidence is key!

Always, always, always approach your crush with the utmost amount of confidence. Confidence might take time to build up wrestling your mind with “should I/should I not” approach your crush thoughts.

Feel confident on the inside, look confident on the outside. Be confident in yourself!

How You Should Approach Your Crush

A Calm Demeanor

You won’t want to approach your crush with a stoic, straight faced expression. You wouldn’t want to approach them with a nervous, tense expression ever.

Take a deep breath, relax, and push forward. Confidence will help remain calm and pursue your crush!

How You Should Approach Your Crush


This might be more important than approaching your crush with confidence.

Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not in an attempt to draw in your crush. Be real. Be authentic. Be genuine. You’re much better off being true to who you are.

How You Should Approach Your Crush


Being authentic also includes being truthful.

Nobody likes being lied to or led on, so be honest with what you want when you approach your crush. Let them know exactly what you want out of a potential relationship with them and see how they respond.

A Smile

A smile is going to show your crush that you are happy and excited to be approaching them. It shows them that you’re really interested in introducing yourself and getting to know them. It also shows that you have a positive attitude and tremendous confidence, even if you might be a little nervous on the inside.

Flash your crush a welcoming smile, but for goodness sake, please don’t cheese too hard.

How You Should Approach Your Crush

A Clean Look

You don’t need a suit and tie. You don’t need a dress. Don’t take it too far.

Try wearing something clean and casual. Dress to make a good first impression on your crush. Clean up your face, perhaps a haircut or a different hairdo. Your crush is definitely going to notice your appearance before anything, so looking fresh should help boost your chances!

A Compliment

You shouldn’t have any problem finding something to tell your crush what you like about them when you approach them.

Compliment on something their wearing that you think looks good on them. Compliment their smile, their eyes or their hair; they’ll really like that. If they’re a college athlete, tell them they played great at their last game. If they’re in performing arts, let them know that they looked great on stage.

Approach your crush with compliments. Let them know what you like about them and the things that stand out to you most. They’ll greatly appreciate it!

How You Should Approach Your Crush

A Question

You probably want to know all there is about your crush. Approach your crush with a few questions already in mind.

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Questions are going to give you plenty of information to gain more of an understanding on who your crush is as a person. Ask simple questions, or elaborate questions, as long as you’re asking questions that are open-ended. Ask where they’re from, what they’re studying, and what brought them to the same college as you. Ask what their hobbies are or what they like to watch on TV. Try to steer a question toward potential similarities between you too spark a discussion.

A Topic Of Discussion

The questions you ask can lead you into a deeper discussion.

Once you know a few similarities between you and your crush, you can go more in depth. Ask what they like think about a certain scene or a particular character from a show you both like. Ask what their favorite songs are from a certain artist and counter with your own thoughts. Build upon what makes you two similar, and dive deeper into things that makes them unique.

Questions and discussions will not only teach you about your crush, but will teach them a thing or two about who you are, too. And most importantly, they’ll show your crush that you genuinely want to know who they are!

Flirty Jokes

Humor shows character.

You don’t want to be stiff and plain when you approach your crush. You’ll want to show your crush that you have a personality and a sense of humor. Getting your crush to smile, laugh, or blush at something you say will make you both feel good.

Sprinkle some jokes here and there if you’d like, but don’t drown your crush trying to be a stand up comedian!

Acceptance Of Rejection

Even if you do all of this, there’s still a real chance that your crush just isn’t interested.

And that’s OK!

Sure, this is something that’ll really bum you out, but it’s not the end of the world. The courage to approach your crush and the calmness to speak to them takes a lot of heart. Be proud of yourself and the fact you made an attempt!

How You Should Approach Your Crush

The best way to approach your crush is by being cool, calm and collected. Always be confident and ready with something to say after the initial introduction. Be honest with your interest in them and true to your character when you do it. Ask questions to learn who they are and show interest and add compliments on their looks or accomplishments to show what you’re interested in. Sprinkle in subtle, flirty jokes are always great to get some laughs, and walking up dressed to impress will give your crush a good first impression of you. And most importantly, don’t be too down if it all leads to a rejection in the end. Keep your head high and be proud that you had the guts to share your top secret emotions!

Did these tips help you land your crush? Comment with your love story down below!

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