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How You Can Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating

How You Can Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating

How You Can Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating

No one wants to find out their partner is cheating on them. But sometimes it’s inevitable, we all face this once in our life whether it’s emotional or physical cheating. It’s up to you what you consider cheating, but here are some signs to look out for that may mean your partner is cheating on you, but remember if your partner is doing all these things always ask and display the evidence in front of them before you just up and end the relationship, there could always be another reason. Down below are a list of signs to look out for that means your partner is cheating.

1. Always texting!

I feel like this is not just me when I say I don’t like it when my partner is on their phone all the time. But here’s the thing you need to look for, I know in some cases it could be work or etc. But if your partner is hiding their phone from you like they’re afraid of you seeing something or maybe deleting text messages that a red flag. I’d know I dealt with almost all the cheating signs I’m telling you. Now I don’t wanna get you to check their phone, because if whatever they were doing was harmless, then this can jeopardize your relationship and destroy your trust. But just ask, why they’re on their phone, and second of all, they shouldn’t be all over there phone when there with you, you should be getting the full attention cause your important.

How you can tell if your partner is cheating?

2. Guys Night is Every Night!!!

Now I don’t necessarily mean every night, but it’s almost like he or she wants to go out all time all of a sudden, and then you get fed this line, “I’d like to take you but no one is bringing their girlfriend” I use to get that line a lot so I’ve been through it. If you hear this line more then once you need to stop putting up with it. Because most likely he or she does not want you there cause their too busy trying to cat single when they’re in a relationship.

How you can tell if your partner is cheating?

3. “But Babe they’re just my friend!!!”

Do you recognize this saying? It’s when your boyfriend or girlfriend are always hanging out with a friend from the opposite sex, that is attractive and all of a sudden their great friends. This friend could’ve appeared from thin air, and before you know it they’re studying together or getting lunch, and do you wanna seem like the jealous partner, of course not. I’m not gonna tell you to leave someone based on this, cause it’s really up to you what you allow in your relationship. Personally, I don’t and that’s ok. But when your partner is doing something like this were there hanging out with someone you’re uncomfortable with, tell them. If they don’t respect your feelings then they don’t respect you.

How you can tell if your partner is cheating?

4. Accusing you of cheating

Now, this is never a point I see anyone say to others when they give this type of advice. But don’t you find it funny how after you may have been cheated on, you think back to how often you were accused or your partner would say things like, “You’d cheat on me before I’d ever do that to you”  etc. If your partner is accusing you, it’s most likely cause they’re cheating, so they’re reflecting their guilt on to you. Think about it the next time you’re accused, but again, get evidence and ask first, cause you could just be dating a really insecure person.

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How you can tell if your partner is cheating on you?

5. Growing distant

Do you feel like your partner is growing distant? By this, I mean emotionally or even physically. Emotionally they could be not sharing everything with you or even acting in a way that doesn’t remind you of the person you fell in love with. Physically they could be not showing the attention they used to, or literally being distant from like not seeing you as much they used too or not giving an initiative that they wanna be with you. Of course, this doesn’t always mean your partner is cheating but it could be a sign.

how you can tell if your partner is cheating?

I hope I gave you some insight so you can look for signs for if your partner is cheating or not. In the comments down below, let me know if I helped you and if you have any advice of your own, share it!

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