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How You Can Still Date Even When You’re Self Isolating

How You Can Still Date Even When You’re Self Isolating

Just because we’re all self-isolating doesn’t mean that we can’t still have an active social life. Programs like Skype, Duo, and FaceTime are booming right now, allowing all of us to interact with our loved ones from a distance. 

We all need the face to face interaction to keep our spirits up. Mental health for many is taking a massive hit right now because of the need to stay quarantined. For many, staying alone for so long can cause severe depression. 

Self-quarantine doesn’t mean that those of us who aren’t single can’t still date. There are many options for dating now that don’t include having to meet face to face for an awkward dinner. For that matter, it doesn’t mean those who are married can’t still date. You just have to be creative enough to find ways to do it when you can’t leave the house.



This option gives you a chance to see and hear your date. You have the opportunity to sit down with your date as if you were at a meal or at a movie, but be in the comfort of your own home. You may not be able to touch or smell them, but you can still see their facial expressions and hear their voices.

How You Can Still Date Even When You’re Self Isolating


There is no order that says you cannot call and text your loved ones. I, myself, have been using this quarantine as a time to safely get to know someone new. Leaving the dangerous and abusive relationship I did, I’m expectedly a little scared to date again, but also realize that I cannot let my past define my future. I have to put myself out there if I’m going to find the love I know I deserve.


He and I have been texting for a few weeks now and we’ve had one call. I love that the quarantine is giving me the time I need to make sure that I can trust him and for me to see him in a wide variety of situations. A longer time span gives me more time to get to know him as he navigates through the different scenarios that life throws at him. Does it worry me that I might start to fall for someone I’ve never met and that I could possibly be being catfished? Of course, it does. But it’s a risk I think is worth it.


There are many, many options when it comes to this part. I realize that some of the sites I listed above are considered to be ‘hook up’ sites and you may not get much more out of it than that, but if that is what you’re looking for, then there you go! (No judgments here, everybody has needs!)

If you need some time before meeting someone in person, much like myself, this is also a great time to force yourselves to get to know one another before meeting up in person. 


How You Can Still Date Even When You’re Self Isolating


Maybe this one is a bit old fashioned, but I find something so romantic in sitting down and writing a letter. I adore the thought of getting a love letter in the mail. I used to find romantic notes in my lunch box from one of my ex’s fairly regularly and I absolutely adored it. It gave me a beautiful little reminder each day that he cared about me. (Too bad it turned out that he was a total douche bag in the end!) But at the time, it really made me smile and I was really appreciative of it!

This is such a cute way to still date when you can’t be face to face. 


Virtual Date

This one plays off of the Duo/FaceTime/Skype idea. 

Instead of just sitting down and having a conversation with someone face to face, do something with them. Make the same dinner with them. Literally, cook it together, adding the ingredients at the same time. Set the table ‘together’ and sit down to eat ‘together.’ You can have a date virtually.

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If you’re not the world’s greatest chef, throw in a frozen pizza together, pick out a movie and sit down and watch it together. Press play at the same time (yes, one might be a nanosecond behind/ahead, but it can still be done.) and watch it together while eating the previously mentioned pizza. 

If you’re really lazy, order a pizza. Press send on the order at the same time. See who gets it first! Then you can sit down and watch a movie together and enjoy the delicious, local, pizza!

How You Can Still Date Even When You’re Self Isolating


Virtual Game Night

I like this idea because it allows both of you to bring out the fun side of yourselves. Pick a game that you both have. Or, pick a game that doesn’t require a board, cards, or pieces. You can play games like ‘Truth or Dare’, ’21 Questions’, ‘Never Have I Ever’ or any game involving song lyrics. My favorite is to play song lyric songs. You can hum a tune, drum your fingers or sing the lyrics to a tune and the other person must come up with the song title and artist.

I’ll be honest, I fail MISERABLY if someone does anything besides country songs. I’m 35 and have always been a country girl. Until recently, I couldn’t stand anything but. I’m slowly opening up my world, though.

Think about it all this way.  Military families have been dating this way for how long? Men and women are overseas and fighting for our country every day and they leave loved ones behind all the time. They still manage to do what they need to to still date. 


If you’re unsure what you can do when you can’t be with your loved one during this time, find a military spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, or find a family member of a serviceman/woman and ask them how they keep in touch when their loved one is overseas. I bet they have a few great pointers for you!

Are you trying to still date during quarantine? How are you doing it? Do you have any other tips for other single men and women? Let us know in the comments!

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