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How Women Are Looking To Be Pleased In Bed

How Women Are Looking To Be Pleased In Bed

I hope you have your pens and notebooks ready because you’re going to want to take some notes. Welcome to pleasing women 101, where you will be graded on your performance in bed. If you think men and women are the same in bed, you are already failing the course. Men and women are completely different in between the sheets. It’s easy to make a guy finish but women are more complex. You can’t just mail a package with the snap of your finger, it takes a lot. You need to package whatever it is, tape it shut, get a stamp, take it to the post office, the post office rings it up, loads it, sends it off, and it arrives. You get it? Women need more than a few movements here and there. When we finish, it’s like a tsunami and in order for a tsunami to happen you need to make an earthquake. 


First and foremost, it’s crucial to make sure she is comfortable. Not just in a comfortable position physical-wise, but emotionally. When she’s relaxed and comfortable, you both are going to enjoy what’s about to happen. Women like to know that they can trust you with their bodies and their emotions. Sex isn’t just an activity to a lot of us, it’s another way to connect physically and emotionally. But in order to get to the physical part, emotion comes first. 

Explore The Body 

The first thing you shouldn’t be touching is her genitals. Again, we are more complex than men, we need to be aroused, and getting straight to the dessert is not the way. Start with drinks and appetizers before getting to dinner and dessert. What that translates to is, explore her body before getting to that part. Start by teasing her with your kisses! Start from the top and work your way to the bottom but when you do arrive at her “spot”, avoid the genitals and go for the inside of her thighs with gentle and soft kisses. She will be aroused and wet. 

Sexy Talk 

Sex shouldn’t be a bunch of sex noises and heavy breathing, I love it when a guy asks me “Does it feel good, baby?” Ask her if she likes you inside of her, it’s a question with an obvious answer but it’s sexy when he asks things like that, makes everything wetter. Another sexy thing would be complimenting her. Tell her how good she looks, how good she feels, how good she sounds, how badly you want her, etc. Women like to be showered with compliments and we like to hear a man’s deep voice saying all the right words.

Ensure There’s No Hurry

Do not command her to finish! It’s uncomfortable and it puts us in this awkward position, which causes us to fake the orgasm. Remember, you want her relaxed as possible meaning allowing her to take her time. It takes a long time for some women to finish and if that’s her, then be patient. If you feel you are going to finish first, it’s okay to slip out and use your fingers on her. Or, if you finish first, then let her know that you aren’t done with her and continue using your mouth and fingers. It’s the worst thing to tell us to “come” for you and we don’t because we feel pressured. What helps is when the guy commands the girl to not “come” like “Don’ you dare come on daddy, he’s not done.” Something like is super hot. 

Rub The Bean

While penetrating, remember that the “bean” needs attention as well. You want to rock her world, and this method will ensure that. While going at it, get comfortable on your elbow and while thrusting, rub her clit slowly with your hand. This will enhance everything for you and her. Prepare for her toes to curl, eyes to roll to the back of her head, and her moans to get louder. You’ll know she’s finished when her body is tense and she has tiny muscle spasms. 


It doesn’t hurt to use lube, seriously. Don’t assume everything will be nice, wet, and smooth down there and don’t depend on your foreplay skills. Some women need a little lube to get things started. It will make her uncomfortable if you just went at it without any. 

Appreciate Her Body

Women and men have a lot of insecurities. And your woman may have them in the bedroom with you. Let her feel appreciated and adored by appreciating her body. Tell her all the things you love about her body. The point is to give her confidence because a lot of women, like myself, are hesitant with showing our bodies without clothes. All she needs from you is a “you’re gorgeous, baby.” Or a specific compliment. Maybe you like how curvy she is or how pretty her toes are. 

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We love it when a man moan! Listen up guys, don’t be embarrassed to tell us what you like or make noises to show us that you like it. It is sexy when a guy lets out a low moan or growl. Sex is good and people make noises, don’t hold back. We love it when you say “right there” or “keep going” because we know that we are doing our jobs. But if you are silent, that’s discouraging and makes us wonder if we are doing anything wrong. So, moaning is good, actually, great. 

Allow Her To Be On Top

Let. Her. Be. On. Top. Whether you believe it or not, a lot of girls like being on top. Yeah it gets tiring but with a little practice it feels amazing. When you notice she’s getting tired, you can grab a hold of her hips and thrust inside of her using your hips. Just a little side note for the ladies, if you spell coconut with your hips, things will get better from there. All in all, it’s good to let your lady take control of you for a while, some women find it pleasing to “wear the pants” in the bedroom. 

Women are a little complex, which is why you need this to know. Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions. It doesn’t hurt to know for sure what women want. 

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