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How Using Jewelry Can Change An Outfit

How Using Jewelry Can Change An Outfit

Using jewelry is always a good idea when you can’t find the right outfit. I am sure you’re just like me when you look in your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!” Going through outfits and thinking you’ve worn it one too many times, it isn’t fancy enough for the occasion, or just is not your style anymore is never a good feeling. There are simple ways of adding jewelry to your look that can make it an entirely new outfit.

Layered Necklaces

Layering small, elegant necklaces atop one another is a great way to add sophistication to any outfit. You can choose a variety of styles and designs, mix and match, and layer them however you choose, although I would recommend staying within the same color scheme to maintain a cohesive look. This accessory can go with dresses, a casual blouse, or even the right T-shirt. They are typically inexpensive, and some even come in sets already so you don’t have to match them yourself. If you are someone who hates dressing up or finds certain clothes uncomfortable, yet you still want to look nice for every occasion, layering some dainty necklaces will make your outfit work! Adding just two necklaces will instantly change an outfit, but adding some more will make you stand out in all the right ways!

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are already a statement piece. Adding these to any look will instantly make you appear as if you really put thought into your outfit! You don’t want to go anywhere and have people think you don’t care about your appearance, yet being comfortable is most people’s number one priority for a long day out. Hoop earrings can take even the most casual of outfits and add so much to the outfit! It looks great with your hair up or down so its versatility makes it the perfect accessory for any outfit. It is especially helpful when going to an event and wanting just one or two jewelry pieces on for the night.


Matching Sets

Having a matching set of jewelry is the best way to put together a cohesive outfit. Whether it is a combination of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, or hair accessories, it is bound to make any style look unified. This accessory decision would most likely work better for a nice outfit, rather than an already casual look. Just one piece of jewelry works for casual outfits, but a matching set looks best when added to an evening gown, a sharp office outfit, or a night out on the town! It is bound to make you look professional and stylish for any occasion. Choose your favorite style or color scheme, and start searching for the right matching set for your personal style!

Multiple Earrings

Wearing multiple earrings at once, if done right, can be an elegant look. Too much of over-the-top earrings can look excessive, so make sure you are choosing the right ones. Cuffed earrings are a great earring to add if you do not have multiple piercings and want to change up your look from the same earrings you always wear. If some earrings are hoops or dangles, make sure others are studded so it is not overbearing to look at. Having the right balance between your earring selections is key to making this accessory work for you! Mixing and matching your earrings can be a fun way to accessorize, and it especially looks great if you are prone to pulling your hair back halfway through the day or event.


Anklets are one of the simplest ways to add to your outfit without going overboard. If you are not big on wearing jewelry but want to add something to your look, this might be the piece for you! It can be worn with shorts, jeans, or even a flared dress. It is definitely not everyone’s favorite jewelry item to purchase, but its simplicity can add so much to a look with little to no effort. Anklets are one of those staple pieces that any girl can pull off in any setting. They go great with sandals, heels, and tennis shoes, so your options are limitless with this small accessory!

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Layered Rings

Layering your rings is a new way to make your casual or fancy outfit look nicer than it does on its own! Using small, dainty pieces of jewelry adds a touch of sophistication while still keeping a youthful aesthetic to your look. It’s especially nice for a date night, a job where you’re on a computer all day long, or a relaxing brunch with the girls. Of course, having a nice manicure to go along with it will make it look even better, but the layered rings on their own make a great look! Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money every few weeks to get their nails done, so adding rings can make a big difference if you want to look nice without the cost. If you want an inexpensive yet still stylish accessory, layered rings might be the style for you!


Chokers…everyone’s favorite 90s trend is back and better than ever! These stylish necklaces became trendy once again within recent years, yet with so many unique designs and styles than we once had. This is a great way to add to a nice blouse or T-shirt when you want to dress casually but still add some flare to your look! It’s a small piece of jewelry that can take the most comfortable apparel and turn it into something beautiful for any occasion. Chokers are a great way to take an athleisure outfit and create a more sophisticated look with just this necklace. With the new, large variety of designs and the availability of chokers at just about any apparel retailer, this inexpensive accessory will be sure to add some style to any outfit you choose!


What’s your favorite way to use jewelry to change an outfit? Share your favorite looks below!

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