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How To Write A Follow Up Email After An Interview Like A Pro

How To Write A Follow Up Email After An Interview Like A Pro

Follow up emails after an interview are terrifying. I mean just think of the purpose. You’re basically asking someone if they remember you still exist. But it can also so initiative and interest so in the end they are useful and how to write a follow up is a necessary skill to have. Here is How To Write A Follow Up Email After An Interview Like A Pro.

1. Dropping The Subject

Surprisingly, emails are more likely to be opened when you leave them blank. What can I say? We’re all human and humans love a good mystery. The subject line is your first impression and you never want to mess that up. Leaving it blank doesn’t allow the person to give into their personal bias and not click on the email.

If you’re still unsure about dropping the subject line, make sure you include words and dates like Tomorrow and this week so that the employer feels pressured into responding or opening by a certain date.


2. How to Address

Make sure you Address the employer, or whoever conducted your interview, directly. Be sure to look our for any spelling errors in their name. Another important part of the Address is how you greet them. Typing “Hello” is much more professional then “Hi” or “Hey”.

3. Reintroduce Yourself

Context. Context. Context. Remember, you were properly interviewed alongside dozens of other people for the same position. Make sure to when you write a follow up email that you include the context of your interview. Who you are. When you interviewed. Also repeat back things they said to you in person to help jog their memory.

4.  Subtlety Should Be Your Specialty

Although you should be as firm as possible and hold your ground through the follow up make sure your passion is subtle. 100% re-express your interest in the position but make sure your anxious energy and hunger for answers stays pushed down. You don’t want to seem like someone who can’t handle rejection or who doesn’t have the patience every work place requires.

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5. Pose a Purpose

The point of your email should be made clear in the first couple of sentences when you write a follow up email. Like I said earlier make sure you stand your ground and just like you would In person stick to the purpose. Don’t begin to write like you’re second guessing the follow up half way through by using words like, “perhaps” or “If you could find the time”. Demand a response without outright saying it. For example a request for a response could be something along the lines of, “Receiving news of this position by tomorrow would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

6. Questions

Questions reiterate interest and that’s what the goal of a follow up is. Try asking genuine questions about procedures when it comes to the hiring process, next steps, or clarification on a task in the job description. If you asked any questions in the interview, incorporating them into your followup will show initiative and jog the employers memory. Try to highlight the strong points of your in person interview in the follow up.


7. Courteous

And although you don’t wan’t to seem over apologetic when you write a follow up email, using standard courteous addresses and fair wells will give you the maturity they require and validation that you understand the proper format of an email, and more importantly, a follow up.

Have you ever written a follow up email? What are your go-to techniques for writing a follow up email? Do they work? Let me know in the comments below.

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