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How To Work Fall Prints Into Your Daily Looks

How To Work Fall Prints Into Your Daily Looks

Fall is arguably one of the best times of the year for fashion. There are so many fun prints to choose from, whether you are looking at crisp animal prints or bold plaids. However, many of us do not want to make the full leap yet into outfits crafted in autumn attire entirely. Not only do we want to hold onto the nostalgia and our cute finds from the summertime but it may still be warm outside in the fall.

Autumn weather can be incredibly unpredictable. You could have record-breaking highs or lows, and September could end up being warmer than August. Therefore, you’re going to want to make the transition slowly. Here are some ways to work fall prints into your daily looks!

Pattern Shoe

We all know the struggles of being stuck in a boring outfit cycle. And sometimes it’s hard when you just want to wear neutrals with the fall season upon us. The solution? A fall pattern shoe can help you spice up an outfit, allowing you to wear all the tans and blacks you want this autumn. The statement is subtle but definitely noticeable as people’s eyes are generally drawn to bold prints. Whether it’s a leopard pair of flats or snakeskin ankle booties, you will certainly¬†get some compliments on your look this fall.

How To Work Fall Prints Into Your Daily Looks

Flannel Around The Waist

A flannel tied around the waist is a classic way to work fall into your every day look. The flannel not only provides the fashion statement to prove you’re in line with the season but also provides the functionality of a little jacket in case you get cold. Whether you decide to pair the garment with a dress or a tee and jeans, you are bound to look cute. I would recommend a thinner flannel, because sometimes if the fabric is too thick, it could weigh you down when you’re walking and end up around your ankles instead of your waist.

How To Work Fall Prints Into Your Daily Looks

Layer With A Pattern Jacket

A fall print on a jacket is an easy way to work these prints into your look because it’s a noncommitment piece. If you were not feeling the jacket or simply too hot wearing it in a heated room, you can easily take it off. The piece provides not only the ability to stay warm without having to break out a bubble coat or a fleece, as well as still looking as though it was a part of your outfit. I would say avoid any bold patterns in the rest of your look, especially your pants. A shirt maybe would be acceptable, if it was a really close match to the coat, or you did not plan on exposing the two at the same time.

How To Work Fall Prints Into Your Daily Looks

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A Bold Belt

Want to give people just a small taste of fall? A belt is a perfect way to sneak that fall print, while not overtaking your look entirely. Paired with a dress, a pair of high-waisted jeans, or shorts if it’s still warm in your area, the piece provides a balance of showing that you are ready to move into fall but still want to have your summer looks on display while you still can. I would suggest a thicker belt, just because if it’s too thin, people might miss the statement you’re trying to make entirely, meaning you’re making a statement in vain.

How To Work Fall Prints Into Your Daily Looks

Draped In A Shawl

Sometimes on a cool fall day, we just want to wrap ourselves in a blanket. And while obviously, the idea is impractical, what if there was a fashion equivalent? A shawl gives all the warmth that a quilt would provide and allows you to look incredibly fashionable while in this state. It’s an easy way to work those fall plaids into a look. I recommend wearing these shawls with either a plain tee or dress to draw the most attention to your piece. When the 40 degree days of October hit, you will not regret having this item in your closet!

How To Work Fall Prints Into Your Daily Looks

What fall prints do you love? Let us know in our comment section!

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