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How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

The bra top trend has been sweeping the runways lately and it is the perfect way to stand out this spring! This trend is super versatile and can be worn for almost all occasions. Some might be turned off at the thought of wearing a bra in public but it can totally be done seamlessly no matter your personal style. All it takes is a little creativity to make this trend work for any event or outing you may have coming up. Anyone can pull off this trend with the right preparation and inspiration.

You’ll totally love making all of your “unmentionables” the center of attention this season!

1. Streetwear Chic

I love how big of an influence streetwear has had on the fashion world recently. It is the perfect mix of boldness and originality that helps us all express our unique senses of style. Streetwear can be as comfy, utilitarian, or fashion-focused as you want it to be depending on how you decide to pair select pieces.

The bra top trend is super easy to add into your rotation and can elevate a look with super little effort. I’d recommend for this style to look for a bra or cropped top that has more of an edgy athletic feel. You can easily pair with a fun pair of sweatpants and statement combat boots or sneakers to take it all to the next level. 

This look works for just lounging around at home or hitting up the hottest club in town. Keep it fashion-focused by finding a tracksuit that fits your personal aesthetic.

How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

2. Lace Pant Suit

This is the perfect look for your next date night or cocktail event! Everyone should have a perfectly tailored black suit in their wardrobe as it offers so much outfit versatility. 

Try pairing this sexy look with some strappy heels and flashy jewelry. You can pick any lace bralette that you like but for this particular look, I’d recommend something black and with an intricate lace pattern. You can also look to add lace accessories such as a choker or look for dress pants with a lace hem.

If you want to keep it extra saucy you can go with a flashier suit and a more toned bralette. I love that it can work for so many different occasions and outings. Try rocking this look instead of going for the usual little black dress. You’ll be surprised how sexy and sophisticated you feel in this outfit.

Your date will be positively drooling when they see you rocking the bra top trend!   

How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

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How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

3. Rave Baby

If you’re at all familiar with the rave scene then you’ll know they’ve been wearing the bra top trend forever! They are totally in tune with this trend and following their rulebook is sure to give you some outfit success!

For this look, it is totally about the bold and bright. Don’t be afraid of throwing all the color and sparkle into this out. This is the perfect style for the next concert or festival you have lined up. I’d keep the energy with this outfit with some cute hotpants or distressed shorts.

For some more daytime appropriateness, I’d recommend pairing it with a badass jacket or vest. You can even go with some fun and colorful fishnets to keep everything looking super bold. You can conquer everything on your to-do list with this fit and catch everyone’s eye while doing so!

How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

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How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

4. Neon Monochrome

Neons are so in this season so why not pair two of the hottest trends?! The bra top trend fits perfectly with this look. This look is totally fresh for spring and is super easy to throw together. You can go with any neon color palette of your choice but a good standard is a neon green that will definitely have you standing out from the crowd.

This is such a great way to add this trend into your wardrobe if you’re looking to keep it a bit more polished and understated. It is the perfect date or a going out outfit that can be repurposed in so many ways.

Try mix and matching the tops and bottoms for a quick out of town trip for maximum versatility. You can also play with adding layers like jackets or t-shirts if you want a bit more coverage.

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How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

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How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

5. Sexy Canadian Tuxedo

I love styling variations of the Canadian tuxedo. It is a look that screams effortless cool when done correctly. This look can be worn to class, date nights, or just hanging with the girls. Depending on how you accessorize, it can be a look you wear all spring long.

To keep this look really fresh, I’d recommend going with different shades of blue denim for the jeans and jacket. It keeps it looking a bit more laid-back. You can get as creative as you’d like with the bra top trend and do anything from something red and leathery to a strappy sports bra.

I would coordinate your footwear to go with the theme of the bra top to keep things looking somewhat uniform. I love how easy you can take this look from day to night!

How To Wear The Bra Top Trend In Public This Spring

6. Polished Pop

This is a great look if you’re trying to make the bra top trend work for the office or a more conservative event. It can be really nice to stay on-trend even if you don’t typically dress really boldly.

I really enjoy styling two-piece sets that have a bra top and layering either under or over to make it a bit less scandalous. To keep the look fresh and fun for spring you can use your favorite white t-shirt under the bra top so that the bra still stays the focal point of the look.

When trying to jazz it up a bit, you can find a mesh top to go underneath to add some edge and personality. You can also throw your favorite leather jacket on top or blazer to make the look a bit chicer.

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Which of these bra tops do you think best fits your personal style? Let us know in the comments!
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