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How To Wear Polka Dots This Season

Polka dots have been around since the 1920s and this coming up spring you could be looking extra cute and vintage.  Whether you are in a polka dot swimsuit at the pool or if you decide to wear this well known pattern to a casual picnic date, you will be the most stylish person in the room. But we can’t go without saying a special thank you to Norma Smallwood, winner of Miss America in 1926 who showcased this classic pattern by wearing it on a swimsuit. As the pattern has made its way from 19th century Czech to modern day United States we have seen brands and clothing manufacturers bring it back every so often, making it a fun option to always consider.

1. Being Casual

If you are about to go buy some groceries or go for a walk at your favorite plaza, a simple polka-dotted blouse and pair of jeans will make you feel like you are ready to take on what the world has to offer. But this outfit is not only a quick and simple look that will make you look like a stylish fashionista but you could also take it to the next level with some gold accessories to compliment the navy blues. If you are feeling iffy about the whole shoe situation and prefer a more conservative look considering either the white or black slip on Vans will do the justice. Something about this casual polka dot look is that it does not scream at you that trying hard to be fashionable but rather compliments you in a way that you know how to dress just by pairing these combinations together making it a perfect outfit for any sunny spring day but don’t forget a pair of shades to look extra sharp.


2. Hanging With The Girls

Spending time with the girls is always fun, memorable, and most of all a stylish time so why not throw something on that is bound to get you a few compliments? You could be at a winery with your girlfriends or shopping in SoHo, New York and be a stylish queen. As you can see, the beautiful radiant Miss decided to do a black on black look that absolutely served what was waiting on the platter but don’t forget to take a look at those polka dot flowy bottoms. As you wear the sleeveless mock neck top combined with the polka dot bottoms that offer a straight leg look, topped with a fedora will certainly make you feel like you need an iced coffee and ready for a day with the girlies no matter what the day has planned for you.

3. Statement Time

What do you do when you have a lot of the same color with a polka dot pattern? Yes. You put it all together to create the perfect outfit to wear to any occasion you feel is appropriate to stand out in or maybe just to your nearest Trader Joes to pick up some strawberries and champagne. Don’t let people stop you from expressing yourself and love for clothing but instead inspire and as the gorgeous model below covered in polka dots with similar tones managed to capture the eyes of many with the extravagant look. The one piece red polka dot suit that he decided to wear with the oversized coat accessorized with a pair of white sunglasses and red sneakers is an outfit that you are guaranteed to receive at least several compliments on. Not only does it look amazing all together but it doesn’t feel like it is too much because the oversized jacket helps bring it all down and ties it all together.


4. Dinner Date

So we have seen polka dot in action for many occasions but how about for a dinner date? The mesh top is very sexy and gives the option to show a lot of skin if you are in the mood to feel extra sexy while you are enjoying a fabulous evening with a soon to be partner. Layered below the mesh polka dot, we can see she is wearing a spaghetti-strapped bra so that you can enjoy this spring or summer vibe look and not overheat. If you decide to pair any top that has a puffy look the best way to ease it down and bring you shape is to wear waist-stitched pants to give you a tall slimmer look especially if you decide to match the outfit with a cute pair of heels.

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5. Time for A Swim

Like Norma Smallwood, you can wear a polka dot swimsuit and have a hot sunny day along the coast or in your backyard but is definitely an instagram worthy pos outfit. Make sure to post and  show everyone that you are rocking the 1920s vintage pattern as you relax and sip on an icy margarita or a virgin pina colada. The model who is wearing the stylish 2 piece went with the whole vibe and matched the bathing suit with some pearl hoops as well as standing right infront of a classic car that is known to be an old school which helps you visualize what several decades would have looked like. Another factor that helps the bathing suit look more vintage and retro is the high bikini bottoms which is a major symbolic look that many could point out and offers a very modest but yet appealing look that offers a very comfortable alternative to the typical cheeky swimsuit.

6. The Polka Dot Dress

It is nearly 100 degrees outside and what do you want to wear? Hardly anything am I right? This baby blue dress is not only super simple but very light due to the material that it is made of so you will be able to feel the breeze you wish would never stop. Since the color is very light  it will not make you feel like you are burning and with the polka dot pattern helps give it some flavor and will make you stand out. With a dress like this you can throw on some Nike Air Force Ones and grab all your gold rings and necklaces and you have an outfit ready to go out to pick up an iced latte or hit up the indoor nearest indoor mall with some friends.


Make sure to comment below if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to wear polka dots this season! And don’t forget to share!

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