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How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo

How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo


When the peplum style was reintroduced to the fashion world and swished its way down the runway, many deemed the look unwearable. Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander McQueen all featured the trend and it has not only caught on, but it has permeated many popular labels and has quickly become an essential. Peplum is a ruffle, pleat, or voluminous detail that is attached at the waistline. This feminine detail is frequently featured on tops, jackets, and dresses. It has now been seen on shorts, pants, and even bathing suits (fashion almost just can’t surprise me anymore)! Trendsetters everywhere have taken the sweet and flirty trend and have run with it-creating edgy looks in studs and leather to workplace appropriate styles such as peplum pencil skirts and tailored blazers. The UK Fashion label, Boohoo, is known to carry some the cutest peplum stlyles.

How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo

Many people shy away from the unconventional look because there is a popularized misconception that peplums are unflattering, and that they create a heavier silhouette that widens the hips. Not always true! When worn correctly, peplums can be extremely flattering and can create an illusion of a smaller waist and a curvier shape. First, make sure that you peplum top is fitted at the smaller part of your waist, and the ruffle begins to flare out at that point.  Bypass a peplum top if the ruffle begins too low as this will create volume in an uncomplimentary location, and likewise if it is higher than the cinch of your waist it will make you appear wider than you are.

How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo  How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo

Make sure that the bottoms you wear with a peplum top are streamlined. The style looks best with sleek styles like a body conscious skirt, skinny jeans, or straight-leg pants. You want to avoid too much distracting volume. Other trends like harem pants, drop-crotch pants, and tulip skirts should be avoided like the plague. Run, do not walk, away from these staggeringly unflattering combinations. As a general rule of thumb, you can choose either the top or the bottom to exaggerate: not both. Unless you’re a die-hard trendsetter, and in that case…do your thing! These suggestions are a guide not the law as fashion is ultimately about self-expression and wearing what makes you feel great.

How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo

When choosing patterns, look for black or monochrome shades for more intense styles.
If you have an athletic body type without many curves, or have a straight up and down physique, the peplum style will look especially great on you! It will create curves and add more waist definition. If you’re petite then you should go for the less extreme peplum shapes, a small flutter will work well without looking out of place. Taller girls are able to pull off the more exaggerated styles because the volume won’t overwhelm your frame. One last tip, heels will instantly pull the peplum style together! Some styles can make you look a bit shorter and the heels will provide some proportional balance. The peplum style will surely be a wardrobe mainstay for the next few seasons so don’t be heisitant to dive into the trend.

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How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo

How to Wear Peplum: Featuring Boohoo


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