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How To Wear Leather Leggings

How To Wear Leather Leggings

If you hear ‘leather leggings’, and your first reaction, then you’re probably like most people. Leather leggings sound like a nightmare of fashion don’ts all rolled into one garment for most people. However, we’re here to tell you that leather leggings are actually super fashionable. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, and worn for almost every occasion. Below are some ways to conquer your fashion fears and look fabulous when you wear leather leggings!

Pair Them With An Oversized Sweater…

Sweater weather is just around the corner, and leather leggings are the perfect piece to spice up your fall wardrobe. Pair leather leggings with an oversized sweater for a look that is the perfect blend of cute and cozy!

…Or An Oversized Coat To Dress It Up!

Feeling like the oversized sweater look is a bit too casual? Try dressing up your leather leggings with a fun oversized coat! This look is not only very trendy, but it is also equally comfortable, and it’s great for transitioning your look from day to night. So whether you’re going to the office or to date night, your leather leggings will keep you looking good.


All Black, From Head To Toe

Wearing all black is a classic fashion look that is super easy to pull off and will work great with your leather leggings. Black is a very slimming color and goes with everything, so this look is perfect for anyone willing to try it out! Additionally, this is also a great foray into the world of monochrome outfits.

Dress It Up With Denim

Denim is another fashion staple that pretty much goes with everything because of how classic it is. Since you would already be wearing your leather leggings on your bottom half, jeans are kind of out of the question. However, you can layer them under jean shorts or distressed jeans with big rips to add a cool layer of texture and keep you warm! They also go great with a denim jacket and simple t-shirt, which you surely already have in your closet.

Unleash Your Inner Leopard

Leather leggings also go great with anything leopard print! The idea might sound tacky, but it’s actually super sexy! The fabrics go together really well because they are both inspired by or come from animals. Their colors are also a perfect combination. Try pairing them with a simple leopard print top or scarf. Other animal prints like zebra, tiger, and cheetah work great as well!


Liven It Up With Layers

Not ready to let go of some of your short skirts as you head into fall? Well you don’t have to thanks to leather leggings! They are the perfect layering piece for transitioning skirts, dresses, and even shorts to chillier weather while keeping your look classy. Leggings under short bottoms is nothing new, but leggings made of leather (or faux leather) are a major style step up.

Go Utilitarian

The slight edginess of leather leggings also makes them a great go to choice for pulling off a utilitarian look. Pair them with an olive green utility jacket for a classic fall look that will still stand out! Other things to try pairing them with to pull off this style include combat boots and chain jewelry.

Leather On Leather

Most fashionable people say not to layer two of the same fabric, texture, or print, but fashion rules were also meant to be broken. Wearing another leather item with your leather leggings will look super chic and expensive. A leather jacket of some sort is most recommended for a stylish take on a classic silhouette. You can also have fun playing with different colors of leather too to add more contrast!


Have Fun With Flannel

Flannel is like the perfect comfy yet cool partner to leather leggings. They’re both stylish and wearable for everyday, it’s like a match made in heaven! There’s really no way to go wrong with this style, as it will always give you a smart casual look that’s perfect for fall. Flannel is also a great layering piece that can be worn over top a t-shirt or tied around your waist for versatility.

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Relax With Athleisure

Leather leggings are still leggings after all, so they are very well suited to a nice athleisure look for your days off. They probably aren’t the best for actually working out or doing yoga in, but they will definitely elevate your sporty to a whole new level. T-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts all work great for pairing to make your laundry day look luxurious!


Shine On In Sequins

If you’re looking for a more night out or party sort of look, try pairing your leather leggings with sequins! The pair is both twice as nice and double trouble for two times the fun! The look may sound like it’s going a little overboard, but they actually complement rather than clash. They’re both statement pieces that will surely make you stand out and shine like the star you are! Try any variety of combinations like a sequin skirt, sequin dress, or just a simple sequin top, they will all be tons of fun!

Pump It Up

Don’t forget about shoes when styling your leather leggings! Pumps are one perfect choice for this style standout because when you’re wearing leather leggings then you’re not messing around. Show the world that you’re a style super star by pairing with your favorite pair of pumps to strut the streets like they’re your runway!

Fight On In Combat Boots

On the flipside from pumps, combat boots like Doc Martens are also a really good shoe to wear leather leggings with. They complement each other’s edge and the dark leather of each creates a seamless transition for leg to toe. Plus, they’re quite practical!


When looking at this list, you can clearly see that leather leggings are super versatile and you can wear them so many ways, so don’t be afraid to add some to your wardrobe! What are your favorite ways to wear leather leggings? Let us know and don’t forget to share this article with friends!