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How To Wear Comfy Outfits This School Year

How To Wear Comfy Outfits This School Year

Last school year, most of us were able to get to class by simply rolling out of bed and opening Zoom on our laptops. This year, a lot more of us will be attending in-person classes, which means we’ll actually need to get dressed; don’t worry, you’ll be just as comfortable as you were on Zoom! Here are some suggestions for how to wear comfy outfits this school year. 

1. Matching Sweatsuit 

First up on our list of comfy outfits is a matching sweatsuit; these can easily be found in all sorts of different colors, designs, and styles depending on your preference. What is so amazing about these is that they are not only ultra-comfy, they also make it ultra-easy to pick out an outfit for the day that makes you look effortlessly trendy.


2. Oversized Zip Hoodie

Zip-ups are always the way to go for your comfy outfits, but an oversized one will ensure that you are even cozier and is also easy to style in many ways. Pair your oversized hoodie with any bottoms depending on the weather and you are all set and ready to go to class! You can wear an oversized zip-up with a crop top underneath or keep it zipped; it’s up to you!

3. Throw On A Jean Jacket

Throwing on a jean jacket over any of your comfy outfits will allow you to add a stylish twist to your ensemble if you are hoping to look a little more dressed up while still being comfortable. You can find jean jackets in many different washes and fits depending on your preference of style; either way, the addition of a jean jacket over an oversized hoodie or comfy shorts will give your outfit a trendy twist.


4. Crop Top And Joggers

Next up on our list of comfy outfits is one that we are sure you have all worn before: A crop top with a pair of adorable joggers. You can not possibly have a back-to-school wardrobe without at least one pair of joggers; they are the perfect ingredient to being super comfortable while still looking stylish, especially when paired with a trendy crop top. 


5. Biker Shorts Set

Everybody needs to give biker shorts a chance at least once in their lives, especially when trying to make comfy outfits for school. Athletic biker short sets are not only super comfortable, they are also easy to style in multiple ways whether you want to dress them up or down. A large button-up or zip-up over your set, for example, lends a more comfortable vibe to an otherwise more athletic look.

6. Sweat Shorts 

Sweatshorts are another perfect way to go for any of your comfy outfits; they are super trendy right now for a very good reason. Throw on a sweatshirt or a matching crop top with your sweat shorts and you will be just as comfortable as you were over Zoom while still remaining stylish!


7. Crew Neck And Jean Shorts

If you were looking for one of those comfy outfits that still have a touch of style, this one’s for you. Pairing a super cozy crew neck with your favorite jean shorts will guarantee that you still feel put together if you are someone who likes to get ready in the morning! Don’t you worry though, you will still remain effortlessly comfy! 


8. Oversized Button Up

Another item of clothing that will ensure you still fall under the category of comfy outfits while still looking stylish is an oversized button-up. You can wear yours with sweatpants or an athletic set for a more casual look, but you can also go for a more trendy look without sacrificing comfort. To stay more comfortable, you may want to opt for a pair of longer and looser jean shorts.

9. Fuzzy Flannel 

Fuzzy flannels were trending all over TikTok for a reason, they are a perfect addition to any of your comfy outfits. Not only for the obvious reason that they are soft and cozy but because you are also able to pair them with just about anything. Whatever you wear, from sweatpants to leggings to shorts, you’ll be comfortable and fashionable!


10. Oversized Sweater

Another way to make your comfy outfits seem a little more put together is by opting for an oversized sweater. Depending on how dressed up you want to be, these can be worn with leggings or jeans, but in either case, the soft and cozy material of an oversized sweater will keep you feeling like you’re beneath a blanket in your bed.

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11. Baggy Jeans

I know what you are thinking, jeans should be nowhere near a list of comfy outfits. However, we have to consider those of us who are looking for fits that will keep us comfortable while still remaining stylish! Baggy jeans are perfect for those scenarios where you are still in the mood to get ready and be comfy; they can be styled in more dressed up or down ways, which makes them a staple item for any college student. 


12. Add A Chic Touch

If you are looking to add a splash of sophistication to one of your comfy outfits, don’t be afraid to personalize your ensemble to add a chic touch. One way to go about this may be to throw on a blazer over your biker shorts, that way your outfit looks subtly more fashionable and you can remain comfy throughout the day!

13. Mini Dress And Button Up

We often quickly look past dresses when trying to create our comfy outfits, but we recommend not completely leaving them in the dust. There are plenty of dresses that you can find that are plenty comfy, especially flowy mini dresses. During the warmer days, you will thank yourself for remembering that wearing a comfy dress will leave you feeling fresh and flirty! If you want to make sure you lock in the comfortable vibe to your ensemble, throw on a button-up over your dress to create a more casual vibe.


14. Oversized Puffer Coat

Our final advice for comfy outfits is to invest in an oversized puffer coat; trust us when we say that you will thank yourself once the snow starts to fall. These will not only keep you warm and comfortable, they will also ensure that your winter outfits remain stylish!


We hope these comfy outfits have motivated you to be ready for in-person classes while still feeling as relaxed as you did on Zoom! What’s your go-to comfy outfit? Let us know in the comments!