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How To Wear Comfortable Clothing To Work

How To Wear Comfortable Clothing To Work

Comfortable clothing means more than the mustard stained shirt in the back of your closet you’ve worn since high school. Sacrificing a professional look in order to wear comfortable clothes at work no longer exist independently of one another. Wear heels or sneakers and pull them both off while pulling in the big numbers at work.

 Betabrand Pants

Their brand identity reads “your legs deserve a pant this comfortable,” so where could you go wrong? The pants designed by Betabrand scream comfortable clothing. But, they are disguised as professional work pants. Betabrand pants are the yoga pants of the office. Quite literally, the company poses its models in yoga stances.

They’re made of a fabric that allows movement in all directions but looks like they came straight off the runway. The patterns and colors help you stand out from traditional work clothes without leaving you feeling like you have to stand stiff.¬†


The fact that these pants aren’t on every professional working woman hints that maybe they just aren’t that into comfortable clothing. But these pants belong in the board room on the CEO who knows comfort and competence don’t negate one another.

Cotton Blazers

A woman in a blazer means business. She’s powerful, put together, and in comfortable clothing. A blazer shouldn’t feel as though you’re giving yourself a hug in a straight jacket. The freedom and mobility of a cotton blazer means that your dynamic presentation doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of limited arm movement.

Professionals demand more comfortable clothing for long days of travel, late nights in the office, and hectic commutes to meet deadlines. Cotton blazers keep you warm in cool temperatures and looking even more cool, calm, and collected at work. Cotton blazers pair well with silk decorative shirts or plain tank tops seamlessly and will leave everyone in the office asking you where you got one.



No longer are these pants just meant for the track. Unless that’s the track for success. Designers entered the race for these joggers to take the gold in comfort and professionalism. The lightweight breathable material makes comfortable clothing at work an easy option for late mornings.

The wide variety of patterns, colors, and high waisted belts make these comfortable clothing items take over your closet. They offer endless possibilities and just like how you can’t stop after only one chip, you can’t stop after only one pair.

These pants are in nearly any store you walk into from Express to H&M to Target. They can be paired with sweaters or tank tops. Really, they are the comfortable clothing of the jean world, but for work.



A classic when it comes to comfortable clothing. Endless styles of this seemingly simple piece of clothing shows how you will never run out of your comfortable clothing for work. As a rule of thumb, most skirts for the office should be a minimum of knee-length. But, there are always exceptions to the rule. Be sure to check your works dress code.

Skirts don’t constrict the waist in the same way most pants do. They offer breathability and movement and don’t detract from your feminine side. They offer a perfect balance for women to wear comfortable clothes to work and maintain professionalism. Skirts serve as the accessory of the clothing world. With the exception of shirts, you won’t find another piece of clothing offering such a wide variety of texture, color, pattern, and style.

Plus they might be the easiest thing you put on all day. You can pull them over your head or over your legs. Whatever works for you to get your mojo going for the day.



These don’t just belong in your grandfather’s closet. Much like the joggers, these comfortable clothing items received an upgrade. Heels aren’t the only piece of footwear that spices up your outfit and loafers are in the running for MVP.

Ballet flats are dancing in the background as these shoes take center stage. There are options for slip-on with no backs making them feel more like slippers than work shoes. They are bursting with attention-grabbing patterns and accessories. From snake skins to chains on the front, you’re sure to find the perfect pair to make your outfit stand out.

If you’re running around and on your feet, all day, then expand your thinking of comfortable clothing to your feet. Be sure to give those hard-working appendages much needed support and comfort. Loafers are your first step.


Cardigans & Kimonos

Quick, what’s the first word you think of when you hear cardigan? I’ll guess and say it’s cozy. Can you even get more comfortable clothing than a cozy cardigan? Probably not.

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But, cardigans can be dressed up for the office and add a little touch of soft and sophistication to any outfit and it’s especially helpful during the fall season. Try pairing a chunky cardigan with a thin belt wrapped around your sweater. It allows you to be personally comfortable because you decide how tight you want the belt around your center.


In the spring, long flowy professional kimonos add character to your outfit while keeping you cool. The kimonos bright vibrant patterns let you pair it with muted under clothing. A basic tee or tank top is all you need to complete this professional look of comfortable clothing.


Sweaters. Is there anything not to love about a piece of clothing that feels like it’s just giving you a big hug all day? The queen of comfortable clothing just earned her spot in your office outfits. Since more and more professionals are demanding comfortable work clothes, designers are meeting the demand flawlessly.

Sweater versatility and design appear to keep rising to new heights. Do Tan from Queer Eye proud, and give your sweater a little french tuck into your slacks to make your outfit pop. Sweaters vary from form-fitting to loose so one should be cautious as to not look too unprofessional.


There should be a difference between your couch sweater and your office sweater. More and more boutiques are offering sweaters that are as professional as they are comfortable. Be sure to check out your local boutique or online stores.

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Always double check your company dress code. There are ways to make yourself feel comfortable while respecting the rules of your company. If you’re unsure always ask either your direct manager, a co-worker who is your senior in time there, or your HR department.

Wear what makes you feel good and you’ll not only be comfortable, but you’ll be confident.


What piece of comfortable clothing is your favorite to wear to work? Tell us below and share with your boss lady friends to help them as they get ready to enter the adult world.

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