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How To Wear Combat Boots When You’re Ready To Toughen Up Your Look

How To Wear Combat Boots When You’re Ready To Toughen Up Your Look

It’s hard to know how to style combat boots until you start, at which point you realize that it’s actually really easy. Combat boots go with everything! They are practical and will make any look feel just a little bit more badass- or a lot, depending on the outfit. For those just learning how to style combat boots, just remember that the bulk of the boot will be the hardest thing for you to get used to. After you no longer feel like your feet look huge, you’ll be on your way to styling your combat boots like a pro.

1. Wide Leg Denim

Your favorite wide-leg denim pants and anime sweatshirt are a classic, no-fail complement to your new combat boots. The denim on denim happening in this look is an extra homage to casual hooligans of a rebellious nature. You might have tried this look before with your favorite kicks, but try swapping out those old tennis shoes with some durable, water-resistant combat boots to protect your feet all year round. Perfect for tromping through fall leaves, snow, spring slush, or mud.


2. Like A Lady

Have you ever wanted to wear your best little house on the prairie/babydoll princess frock for a casual, everyday activity? Now you can! Pairing that ladylike frill with platform combat boots will be both fashion-forward and convenient for running errands, walking around the city, or traipsing through the woods. You don’t know how to wear combat boots until you start wearing them with your favorite summer dresses.

3. Go Preppy

If you feel that your style is a bit preppy, but you still want to know how to wear combat boots, fear not. Combat boots are a great choice for anyone who needs to walk anywhere, simply because they are comfortable and classic. Throw a cardigan about your shoulders over a sleek black turtleneck and wear your best long skirt for a preppy and fashionable look. Keep yourself grounded with a pair of combat boots. This way, you can give your look youthful energy as opposed to coming off a bit too mature.


4. With Your Favorite All White Ensemble

All white outfits have taken the world by storm. With all of their crisp freshness, it’s easy to see why this pairing became so popular. To take this new classic look up a notch, start wearing your winning whites with some combat boots. Now you know how to wear combat boots in the summer! This pairing could easily work for a picnic, barbecue, outdoor concert, or bike ride.


5. With Plaid

Plaid is the perfect complement to your combat boots. Seen as iconically punk, this combination is sure to teach you how to wear combat boots in the shortest amount of time. You can go for a full jumpsuit as shown below, or choose plaid pants, shirts, skirts, jackets, socks, tights, or various accessories to compliment your combat boots. No matter what you choose, know that your look will be on point in terms of the personality of the boot itself.

6. With The Perfect Summer Set

I love a good set. Whether it’s going monochromatic or wearing all-over prints, you’ll look like you know how to wear combat boots if you pair them with your favorite summer set. The combination of a fierce monochromatic look with subtly printed Doc Martens and bright pink laces makes for an epic outfit for any summer outing. Drive-in movie? Check. Punk show? Check. Coffee date? You bet! Heck, you can even wear this to mini-golf.


7. Go Grunge 

Your first thought on how to wear combat boots were likely to take your look to a grungy level, and this is a great first instinct. Originally workwear for the working class, combat boots are perfect both for getting grubby at a show and doing some actual dirty work. Go ahead with those workwear vibes, or take it to the next level with a mini skirt, grunge-y sweater, and knee-high combat boots. Pay homage to the workers who originally wore the boots with a cool baker boy hat!

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8. Like A Diva

A great way how to wear combat boots is with the most interesting and possibly outrageous piece in your closet that you never know how or where to wear. Why? Your combat boots will always dress this piece down and make it practical for jaunting around the city. Sure, you’ll look like a total diva in minty green taffeta ruffles, but isn’t that the fun of it? Fashion is meant to bring you joy, so wear what you want to wear to go get a bagel. In a city, no one will know that was your only outing for the day.


9. With A Suit

The only workwear that those in the corporate world know, suits make excellent, stylish ensembles when paired with combat boots. If you didn’t know how to wear combat boots to work, a suit is a great way to dress up some subtly dressed down footwear like combat boots. Business casual is accepted in a variety of workplaces these days, and there is no better way to comply than to wear a slick suit in an unconventional, practical, and still work-appropriate way.

10. The Classic Badass

You know how to wear combat boots already, admit it! A leather jacket, flannel shirt, graphic tee, and denim is the epitome of ‘badass’ fashion, and there is no question that a pair of combat boots is the best choice of footwear for these cool kids. Stay away from skinny jeans or anything else too fitted, as these can come across as the opposite of badass. Your mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or carpenter pants would make better style choices for this particular look. Sure, you might feel like it looks a little baggy, but that’s the style! Embrace it, my friend.


Do you feel like you know how to wear combat boots now? Let us know how you’ll be styling your combat boots this year in the comments!

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